Air Force Moves To Check Proliferation Of Fake Uniform

HMOD-FactoryThe Nigerian Air Force on Wednesday expressed readiness to produce coded uniform for its personnel to check the fake military uniform used by criminals.

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, made this known when he inaugurated the Military Wears and Accouterment Factory in Kaduna.

Amosu said the factory would reduce the indiscriminate use of military camouflage.

“The uniform materials you are seeing have underground coding and when we apply certain liquid, we know what we expect to see.

“If you bring a uniform that look like a camouflage, we have a way we can test and we will be sure that from the result it will be very clear that this is not from the Air Force.

“The good news here is that we are going to be self-sufficient in kiting our men, before now we had some of our soldiers that have to take up this responsibility.

“But with what we have today, we can free most of our soldiers and take them back to the call duties and allow Bebeyi and Company to make our uniforms for us.

Amosu said that the partnership was also part of national security as Air force through the project would enhance the quality of life of the population by providing employment for them.

“I want to assume you that most of the workers will be ex-military men and I want you to take advantage of that because with that, we don’t need too much of venting.

“And don’t forget that when we discharge our men and companies such as yours are there to accept them then you have helped the country.

“If he can sow for the Air Force, he can sow for the Army, Navy even Customs and Immigration. So, you can see the huge population that will be employed by this company”, he explained.

He said that he was excited about the development, adding that the Air Force was working with the private sector for results.

The chief air staff noted that this would motivate the Air Force to go into other areas of partnership with the private sector.

According to him, there are other areas the Air Force need to release to private organisations so that it can free its technical personnel to fight the war.

“When a military organisation can kit itself, it is a huge achievement and we can stand tall and check our officers and men who are not well dressed.

“So, this is going to help us enhance discipline and if tomorrow we want to change the colour of our uniform we can equally do that.

“In the next 30 minutes, as soon as I take my measurement, my uniform will be ready and when we are out in battle and we want to change our uniform from blue to green within days that can be achieved”, he said.

The Managing Director, Nigerian Air Force Investment Limited, AVM Tanunomie Gudi, said the MoU for the production of uniform was signed between Bebeyi Company and the Air Force in March 26.

Gudi said the benefits from the partnership were innumerable as the establishment of the factory would make the Air Force to be self-sufficient in uniform.

He said before the establishment, the Air Force was importing its uniform, adding that “all we will import is the material and the sewing will be done here.

“In future we intend to domesticate everything. The material will be source for in Nigeria and with that we will be contributing to the economy of the nation and reducing unemployment”.

Mr Ade Bebeyi, the Managing Director of Bebeyi Group, announced that the production of military uniform within was aimed at improving national security.

“There is none of my product that does not have a security code as all products are being identified.

“We can produce 500 uniforms per day, we have here and we have two places in Lagos for the Air Force and the Police”, Bebeyi said. (NAN)