Happy Married Life

Married Life

‘’Ade hurry up we are going to be late’’ my brother and I are preparing for our cousin’s wedding. Bukky is my favourite cousin and I wouldn’t miss her wedding for anything in the world.

We are now at the wedding, then I feel  my phone vibrate, only to see 15 missed calls from my cousin in the village, the noise of the party didn’t allow me notice it had been ringing all the while . I knew this was trouble so I hurriedly called her back, the bad news struck like thunder. I had to rush down to the village same day to offset hospital bills if I wanted my mother to live… I immediately let Ade know what was happening so we set for the village.

Hurrying out, I meet my friend Chioma who asks where we were going before the end of the wedding and in so much hurry…reluctantly, I explained everything to her and all she said was, “don’t move an inch I am coming”. She came out with her tablet and I flared up immediately thinking she was about to show me a new dress design… “Calm down nah, do you really want to start heading to the village now and miss this beautiful wedding? “Didn’t you understand all I have been saying?”  I snapped “Ehen? Calm down and follow my instructions madam”.

Chioma gave me her tablet and I followed a simple procedure and transferred the supposed amount needed to take care of my mother to my cousin’s account. Still worried sick, I reluctantly went back into the party anticipating a call from the village. My phone vibrated again confirming a transfer followed by a call. OMG!!! It was my cousin, my heart sank in fear. My hands were shaking I couldn’t even hold my phone. My brother saw me panic and quickly grabbed the phone from me ‘hello!’  My pupils dilated and all my attention was focused on the conversation. 30 seconds later the call was over and I couldn’t boast of any tangible piece of information from his side of the call. He put down the phone and took a large gulp from his drink ‘Ade please tell me something, now!’ Ade replied with a smile, ‘they have received the money; they would begin treatment for mama immediately. I heaved a deep sigh of relief followed by a call from my cousin saying they had received the transfer.

Now I can relax! The highlight of Bukky’s wedding was the delicious plate of efo, two wraps of semovita and a glass of juice and all of a sudden it felt like what I ate could finally digest… I am so grateful to Chioma but for her; we would still be on our way to our hometown just to deliver money for mama’s treatment. From now on all my cash transactions has got to be done via Instant Payment ï thought to myself as I ordered another bowl of pepper soup.

Bukky had an amazing wedding as we all danced and celebrated with her.

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