ASUP, COEASU Strike To Be Called Off In Days – Nwosike

Chairman of Governing councils colleges of Education, Emmanuel Nosike, said the on-going strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP and Colleges of Education, COEASU will in few days be called off.

Nosike said this after a meeting between the Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike and Heads of Federal Tertiary Institutions.

Wike, while speaking at the meeting, yesterday, slammed Council members of tertiary institutions, asking them to stop localizing appointments of Vice-chancellors, Rectors and Provosts in their domain.

Wike stated this while meeting with Heads of Federal Tertiary Institutions to discuss challenges facing Public higher institutions in Nigeria.

According to Wike, “Federal Government has no business in the appointment of vice-chancellor, rectors and provost but what is important is to ensure that due process is followed.

“They are federal government institutions and not community schools. So we must encourage everybody that is qualified to vie for a position without consideration of where the person comes from.

“Even when people apply for a position but because he or she is not from a particular local government despite the fact that he is from the state, the council still discriminate.

“This is a federal government university appointment and they are intellectuals. Appointment of VC, Provost and Rectors should be based on qualifications not local areas”.

On dichotomy between universities and polytechnics in Nigeria, he said “Internal strife among lecturers in polytechnics is making it difficult for the federal government to solve the problem of dichotomy between universities and polytechnics.

“The same people who are calling for dichotomy don’t want Professors in their schools, yet you want to award degrees like universities and don’t want to have professors amongst you.

“It is imperative for us all to allow efficiency to rule. We might not be 100% right but we must do the right things all the time”.

Wike, while addressing the issue of security tasked all the Heads of Federal Tertiary Institutions to be at alert and vigilant.

“We all know the security situation in this country and we must all be at alert and have people who are monitoring your campuses”.


  1. They (polytechnic) want to award a degree but yet don’t agree to have professors among them. This is so embarassing! How long can this kids (students) wait, its obvious that ASUP is not organise and don’t know what exactly they need.

  2. The federal government should do what is right as it concerns dichotomy by emulating countries the have solve similar problem not looking at lecturers who do not care about what students they gradate are facing in the labour market. Lecturers are nope more in the Labour market, so focusing on them while resolving the issue of dichotomy sounds like a senseless excuse to play down such an important issue trapping down many Nigerian talents on what is not right.

  3. The policy of ASUP inrespect appointmt of Rectors is meant to give Chief Lecturers who are @d same level wt Professors the opportunity to head their institutions. A professor has a first hand opportunity to be appointed as the Rector if he contests wt Chief Lecturers wheereas the CL hav no such opportunity