Attacks On Kwankwaso, Media Clampdown: Sani Blasts Jonathan

GEJ-KwankwasoExecutive Director of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, Comrade Shehu Sani believes that the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan is itching toward tyranny on account of its recent conducts.

The rights activist cited the attacks on Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso over the appointment of Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Emir of Kano and clampdown on the press by agents of the Federal Government even as he added that the Kano governor is a victim of a desperate and dying government.

Sani, in a statement in Abuja yesterday, warned government apologists against returning the nation to the dark days.

He traced Kwankwaso’s ordeal in the hands of federal authorities to his defection from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to All Progressives Congress, APC, and “the revelation of monumental theft of our national treasury by the ex-Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and now the Emir of Kano”.

The Federal Government, according to Sani, “has consistently targeted them for state persecution and slander. It’s no coincidence that the Federal Government has meddled into the appointment of the Emir of Kano. On this, the Government of President Jonathan stands unambiguously condemned.

“Kwankwaso is a victim of a desperate and dying government. All the ills and vices ascribed to him by the federal government were only splashed at him when he left the ruling PDP.

“The orchestrated campaign of calumny and innuendos targeted against Governor Kwankwaso is a mischievous but failed attempt by President Jonathan and his henchmen and hatchet men to rubbish the hard-earned reputation of the governor”.

Sani, who asked the government to leave Emir Sanusi alone, said security challenges bedeviling the nation should be government’s primary concern and not settling of personal scores.

He added: “Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi must be allowed to preside over the affairs of his emirate. Emir Sanusi is duly and properly appointed in conformity with the relevant laws, customs and tradition.

“The interference by the federal government is nothing but a continuation of the federal mission to morally stain him and physically incapacitate him. The interest, energy and resources invested by the federal government to nail Sanusi could have been of better use if directed at addressing the security challenges bedeviling our country”.

According to him, “Apologists of the government need to be reminded that this democracy was fought and won after a prolonged battle with the military, we cannot stand by and watch the nation sliding back to darkness of authoritarianism”.

On the recent clampdown on the press, Sani described the action as archaic and sheer act of foolishness.

He said: “Without the sacrifice of the gallant Nigerian media, democracy could not have been restored and President Jonathan couldn’t have emerged as president. Free press is the guarantor of a free society. Setting the military against the media is tantamount to incinerating our civil liberties”.


  1. When activists are induced and motivated with with monetary benefits that how they speak. Shame on Shehu Sani. U are a disgrace and not fit to call urself civil rights activist.

  2. Jonathan and his followers most of whom are genetic ethno-religious fanatics and ardent criminals are only enjoying their last break. A christian southern ruler cannot by whatever means influence the appointment of an Emir in the Northern Muslims Emirates. Who is Jonathan by the way to interfere in the northern affairs?

  3. Why are u attacking shehu sanni…? It’s high time we nigerians knw exactly wia we re heading to…. Let the truth be told,our so called leaders (politicians) has failed us…it’s all about interest,chop make I chop, comot make I sit. All we need right now is devine intervenion from God.

  4. Sani most be out of his senses,does he tink Jonathan doesint know wot d constitution says abt appointing Emir,why does pple in d North abuses mr President at will,activist does nt talk in dis manner,he shld apoologise to Nigerians for careless talk.

  5. By the time ur so-called Emir wil b arrested 4 fruad and dat turband removed….u will learn 2 respect d federal govt. shame on sani and those who sponsor him 2write rubbish

  6. Shehu Sani u really hit the nail by the head cox a spade deserves to be called a spade. Jonathan is meddling into internal affairs of Kano people at the expense of more important issues especially security challenges bedevilling the country. This is sheer incompetence. Jonathan does not deserve to be lead a local organisation let a alone be Nigeria’s president. Its very unfortunate for us, Nigerians.

  7. Up Sani Shehu.I have never and I will not seen unethical as well as inexperience president like Ebele.How can you withdrew security personnel from state Government houses.You did it in Rivers,Adamawa and now in Kano just to settle your personal score.God forbid.You better be tolerant and forsighted


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