Big Girl Kemi Adetiba Bounced at Restaurant Bcos they Thought She’s A Prostitute

Lagos big girl and ex-Maltina Dance All host, Kemi Adetiba, got the shock of her life over the weekend as she was denied entry to the expensive Spice Restaurant and Lounge in Lagos where she had gone to dine.

Kemi saw single men being allowed into the classy restaurant without any questions and could not understand the sense in denying her entry, because she was a single lady. She has since been ranting online.
Anyway, the Restaurant said they don’t want single ladies coming there to disturb rich guys who come to have their meal in peace. Thus they stopped allowing single ladies entry, especially when they are alone.

An anonymous staff at the restaurant said: “If men want to bring prostitutes, it’s fine but they don’t want any of them hanging around anyhow.”


Kemi is very bitter over the experience and she has vowed to make sure her friends don’t go there any more and it seems some feminists are ready to take up issues with the restaurant as they see it as discrimination.
But the restaurant is not totally wrong, especially since they’ve had experience with runs girls littering the place.