Boko Haram Terrorists Kill Over 40 Villagers In Borno

A large group of Boko Haram members raided the troubled Kala Balge community in Borno State on May 31, 2014, Saturday, killed over 40 people and left multiple building destroyed.


The insurgents, numbering about 500, drove to the area in multiple vehicles. The group was armed with assault rifles, petrol bombs and improvised explosive devices. They were targeting local hunters and vigilante members, who killed about 200 Boko Haram terrorists in a battle on May 13, 2014.

A source of SaharaReporters revealed that the attack started in another infamous place in Borno State, Gamboru Ngala, a town located close to border with Cameroon and which was nearly destroyed in multiple attacks during May.


The source further noted that the Islamist militants have been seeding chaos for several hours in 8 communities, including Izge, Ankulkule and Chekobe.

According to the source of Vanguard, Nigeria-Cameroon border villages of Gula, Kanari and Wazarde and Gula were also affected. The security agent further told the reporters that most of survivors from the burnt villages were fleeing either to Cameroon or to Ngala town.

A resident of Kalabalge community confirmed that the vigilantes were prepared to fight Boko Haram, as they knew the soldiers would not protect them. What the villagers did not expect is that the insurgents would launch such a massive vengeful attack.

The fierce battle between Boko Haram members and the residents were registered during the whole last month.

At least 310 people, including 16 police officers, were killed in a bloody attack in Gamboru Ngala town on May 5, 2014. However, terrorists suffered a bitter defeat in another part of the state, when Kala-Balge vigilantes killed about 200 Boko Haram members, captured up to 40 of them. The real soldiers of the Nigerian Army may be among those in captivity by the locals.