BREAKING NEWS: Dora Akunyili Passes On


Former Director General of the the NAFDAC and ex minister of Information, Professor Dora Akunyili, has died according to a family source.
Dr. Akunyili died in an India Hospital where she has been receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment. She was aged 59.


  1. Let us learn from death. We have only a life to live. That is you. It is given to man to die once after which is judgment.
    What would people say about you when you might have gone? Have you ever thought of this? If your time comes now, would there be anything you would have loved to change? If there is, the time for change is now.
    All the hustlings do not worth it. Put God first in all you do and think. Let people feel and see the positive impacts of your present wherever you find yourself. Be a solution to people’s problem and not obstacle to the solution.
    Let people see godliness in all your deeds. Remember you can hide from men not God who sees into all secrets. Live clean and put the fear of God in everything you do. May God help us in Jesus name. Amen.
    May her soul rest in peace. May God console her family and relation in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. A warrior u’v come 2 serve ur people,u’v done ur own part.May ur gentle soul rest in peace.Goodnight,till we meet and part no more.

  3. This woman did not die a natural death, imagine she was suffering from an ailment that can not be detect or unknown!! well! u can’t question God may her soul rest in perfect peace!! Dora

  4. A woman above many men, you have lived your life for the people of Nigeria. Many souls were save b’cos of your sacrifice through service. May God accept you in His kingdom. Rest in peace prof.

  5. So dey hv finally succeeded! Wot a world! And who said nigeria wil b better? I dnt think so until we decisions to give truth a chance to live! Because she stood 4 d truth and did what she ought to do, dey conspired nd killed her, we shall all reap whatever we sow on earth and face the judgment in heaven! may ur soul rest in perfect peace my legend!

  6. In all I saw her as the jesus of this world most expecially to nigeria as a country. She fought single handedly to see if nigeria will become a better place for its citizen but to her greatest surprise she was surrounded by wolfs in sheep clothing. Her story is a sign to tell you that nigerian dont want a change and dont love things that are good a country full of evil. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen. I wipe for my self ……l

  7. May her soul rest in perfect peace,
    They hav finally won! We love her but God loves her most.RIP, virtuous woman

  8. She come,saw,fight nd won d battle.goodniyt til we meet to part no more.a great nd superwarrior nt a coward.y ar d mighty fallen at d battlefield.


  9. Mama gud nite,u died for Nigerians bcos I knw ur spiritual attacker must be one of d pple u fought wen u were in NAFDAC. Rest well ma. We wil miss u forever.

  10. Dear Dora, you came,you saw,you conquered,may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace,may the Almighty God give your family fortitude to bear the lose.

  11. May her soul rest with our Lord. Prof. You indeed made your profession proud, Nigerians will not forget you in a hurry, you did what most men could not do, by your works and actions you let Nigeria know the importance of putting a square peg in a square hole.

  12. Prof. Dora ur good deeds 2 nigerians will not b 4gotten in a hurry cos u fought 4 dose who couldn’t fight 4 dem selves $ u also tried 2 make our country a better place 4 all of us. We will really, really miss u, we pray dat u will rest in d bossom of d LORD.

  13. It is good to be good,May her soul rest nd perfect peace.Amen,We need u so much,But ur creator need u more,Goodbye forever.

  14. Don’t know wat 2 say cos I cldnt believe. Dora,a strong woman and woman of faith who believe Nigeria cld be made better. Adieu,RIP Dora

  15. Why is it that the good don’t always live long? but then age dont count,what counts is the impact & legacy one leaves behind. Prof, your life lives on.adieu ma.

  16. Nigeria will miss her a lot. A strong and fearless woman she was during her life time. Rest in peace and may the Almighty God comfort the family and give them the strength to bear the irreparable and devastating loss.

  17. This is a great lost to nigeria as awhole.
    May her soul rest at the bossom of almighty God.amen…we all smpthazie with her family.

  18. God of power an might , lk wt compassion on Dora whom u have called from this life , graciosly acpt her soul an grant her eternal bliss in urkingdom, where u live wt ur saints forever. Amen

  19. a great woman who fort for the motherless, the vioceless, to secure the live of the poor. may ur soul rest in peace may GOD ALMIGTHY reward the. love u mummy.

  20. Prof Dora you came to fought the fight that many man can not stand and you conquer. Nigeria will ever remember you for whom you are. Gud nite prof.

  21. Death! Where is thy sting? What else can the enemies do to her? He who kills is a failure and kills only because he knows he had already lost the battle before the fight but Dora was a winner infact a legend and she died a good death of a righteous. U a winner keep resting

  22. Yes prof Dora, indeed u fought a good fight. She came she saw and she conquered. The home truth is far beyond a patriotic Nigeria. The pain is better imagine than experienced. Wish God could hear my cry and bring u back. oh’ what a great loss, may ur loving soul rest in perfect peace Amen

  23. Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero yesterday!

    Dora Akuyili today!

    . . . . . . . . . Tomorrow?
    They were both born in July.

    The good ones are dying, the bad ones are living fine. What an irony of life!


  24. Our Prof,yours is a story of a gallant fighter who succeed where other fails. A rare gem and a Deborah of our own time. Its not how long you live but how well. You imparted lives positively and you deserve rest.

  25. Ooh death wat an august visitor are u dat u don’t ask question b/4 u take! Wat a painful exit. Nigeria has lost an icon, an exemplary role model, quintessential leader, one who has single handedly make Nigeria an health wise. Madam we will miss you. May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


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