Building Collapse In Lagos Kills One, Leaves Five Injured

A building collapse claimed a life of one of the builders leaving several injured at Okegbo village in Ikorodu, Lagos, yesterday, June 24.


It was gathered that earlier the building was used as a poultry farm until its unnamed owner took a crucial decision to construct a multi-storey building on it. The incident occurred when six construction workers were working on the decking when it suddenly fell dragging them along.

Three of them Olaoluwa Olayinka, Mubarak and Yaya have been trapped under the debris. Unfortunately Olayinka passed away while two other workers were rescued. Shagamu road division police officers, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and the Lagos State Fire Service officials were seen at the scene of the accident.


A food seller and a witness of a tragedy, Toyin Alabi, who escaped the death narrated: “I went to the building site to sell amala to the workers. But for Yinka, I would have been dead by now. He was the last person to buy food. While I was waiting for them to finish eating so as to take my plates get paid, he angrily told me not to hasten him, that I should come back for my plate and money. I left angrily. But barely had I stepped down than the building collapsed. Had I stayed back, perhaps, I would have been dead by now or be among those in the hospital.”


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