Check Out U.S Prophetess Revelations On Her Encounter With God And Satan.

Susie S. Mozell-Smith, a US preacher and prophetess has disclosed her encounters with God and satan.


In a recent interview, Susie who published a book titled ‘Lily Grace’ a book that talks about the end times speaks about her encounters with God, how Satan is using Obama to destroy the world, the end times and other prophetic issues.

According to Susie, ‘Lily Grace’ is a book like no other which reveals some hidden secrets of God that has never been uttered to another prophet or prophetess, all backed by scripture.


The book cover for Lily Grace

She said God revealed to her that she was his only begotten daughter. “The title Lily Grace is the new name that God named me. I am God’s only begotten daughter. When God first told me I was his daughter, I thought he meant because I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, therefore making me a child of God. But what he really meant was that I am his only begotten daughter. What a shock!” she exclaimed.

On her encounters with God, she said she has had many but her first one was the most profound one when God told her to write a book. In another encounter, God revealed she is the future Bride of Christ. The third shocker was when He told her he has a wife.

“He told me that after he informed me he is hydrogen, Jesus is carbon, the Holy Spirit is oxygen and Satan is nitrogen. Then he later says my wife is helium. I said okay and did not think too much on it, after all God said it, so it is true. This is when I found out Jesus was going to have a wife and it would be me,” she said.

On her encounters with satan, she said, she had one a few days after God spoke to her to write a book but he didn’t succeed with his evil plans.

Susie disclosed that the USA is influenced heavily by Satan as it is very difficult to get a story about God in the news.

When asked her assessment of the Obama administration, Susie replied: “The Obama administration is controlled by Satan, which is very bad. God is taken out of schools, work places, and the military, but Gays get the red carpet treatment and they are honored for coming out. This is happening in the world because Satan is in full force. My job as the End Time Prophetess is to set things in order and to pave the way for Jesus Return.”

She called on preachers to stand up for God by telling the truth and stop diluting God’s word by going along with things that God is against.


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