Chioma Akpotha shares video of police harrassing her & colleague in Enugu


Actress Chioma Akpotha bitterly spoke out yesterday about how she and a colleague were harassed in Enugu by some police officers. This morning, she shared the video of incident. 

Source: LIB


  • Nobody is above the law, stop and search is part of the police work adding to the problem of insecurity we are faced with today in our country, and I don’t see how searching you becomes a big deal, the fact that you are a public figure makes no difference, #advice# you should have allowed the officer do his job than stooping so low to bringing your self down to his level

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in a police officer searching anyone in as much as that person is not above the law and the last time I checked, nobody is unless our dear sister here is staying otherwise by her comments and we should not also forget that it is law that a police officer has every right to search who he reasonably suspects..

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