Comedian Basketmouth Calls Nigerians Hypocrites

Comedian Basketmouth has recently called Nigerians hypocritical unable to understand “just a joke”.


The remark concerned the critical reactions, which followed the rape joke he had made months ago. Lamenting that many took the fun thing for something serious, Bright Okpocha (real name) once again stressed that he did not mean to hurt anyone, Nigeriafilms reports.

The comedy star said in the interview:

“The thing is they are all hypocrites in this country. The thing is, it’s a joke. Do you understand me? It’s a joke.

“I crack jokes about my own death, do you understand, and people laugh about my own death, it’s just a joke. Let’s grow beyond this. Definitely, I’m not going to crack a joke about rape again, I shouldn’t even be saying the word. I’ve learnt my lesson, but we shouldn’t have limits.”

Basketmouth however boasted that the scandal helped him sell tickets for the UK show, where 600 people bought even standing tickets for 75 pounds just to visit the show.

He concluded:

“So I’m looking for another controversy, though not that type.”


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