DJ Jimmy Jatt On Being A DJ, 25 Years In The Music Industry, Upcoming Album + More

Nigeria’s number 1 DJ — Jimmy Jatt has revealed things must people don’t know about him, he has been the source of inspiration to a lot of DJs in the music industry right now – he also opened the door for quite a number of hip-hop artistes as well and that is why as he celebrates his 25th year anniversary in the music industry, the whole industry celebrates with him.

Jimmy Adewale Amu aka DJ Jimmy Jatt began his career in the entertainment industry as a budding rapper before delving into DJ business in the late 80s. In 1989, he debuted as a professional DJ, and after 25 years on the job, Jatt has every reason to recount his success story in the industry.

In this interview with Punch newspaper he talks about getting into the business, how he will be celebrating his 25-year anniversary and more.

Read excerpts below: –

On being a DJ: Being a DJ was something I developed passion for, when people felt it wasn’t a lucrative job. People warn their kids to stay away from me simply because I was a DJ. But I took up the challenge to change the mindset of people as much as possible. Right now, DJs are being celebrated, and the emerging generation today can see that there is life as a DJ. If I have done it for 25 years, then what’s more! It doesn’t mean I am retiring. No, it means I am taking the profession to a higher level.

On the upcoming celebrations: The main event will hold on the 3rd of August. It’s going to be strictly by invitation. Then there will be the annual Jimmy’s jump off later. This year’s event would be tied to my 25th anniversary celebrations so we might switch the event a bit. It might not take the same direction people are used to. Then from October till the end of the year, we’ll be getting into some CRS activities to give back to the society, organize a lot of mentorship programmes for young DJs to encourage them. There would also be a TV reality show coming up soon. We are working tirelessly to make the best of this celebration.

On his forthcoming album: The album would be launched at the black tie event. It’s titled The Industry and that speaks volume on what to expect from the album. We are still in the studio, but as at the last count, I’ve recorded with well over 80 artistes and 20 different producers in the country. So, it’s easier to count the people that are yet to get on the album than count the people in the album. The album is basically a reflection of the state of the industry and it is quite different from my first album “The definition”. This latest one is more of a reflection of the industry and it will have a minimum of 20 tracks


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