Doctors Removed Big Tumour From Slovakian Man’s Face

A Slovakian man hopes to return to normal life after a huge tumour weighing around 6 kg was removed from his face.

A tumour had been growing for almost ten years until Stefan Zoleik apart from being stared at and mocked in the street, found it hard to move his head.


The rare condition called Madelung disease, which causes uncontrollable growth of fat fibres on the man’s cheeks and chin, disfigured his face to such an extent that people could not take their eyes off him.

Stefan explained after the complicated surgery how unpleasant his previous state was, both physically and emotionally.



The surgery had not been carried out earlier because of other health issues, and only 10 years later the doctors managed to “restore” the normal look.


The father of two happily exclaimed speaking with Mirror:

“This is amazing, much better than it was before, which was horrible. I don’t even feel any pain now. I’m really looking forward to getting back to normal.”

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