Don Jazzy Defends Himself Against People Saying Dorobucci Is An Occult Song


I came across this days ago but didn’t really read meaning into it, well at least till Don Jazzy replied.

Here’s the full write-up about what someone accuses Don Jazzy and his Mavins of doing, the individual tells us what they think Dorobucci means.

Read below and also see Don Jazzy’s response: –


For ur information, DOROBUCCI is a freaking occult song >=). Let me explain, Oluwa means God in Yoruba, Chineke Or Chi means God in Igbo. Doro is also a name of a god… Doro is a godmavins formula, DOROBUCCI is just to praise their god. They produced the song Dorobucci in other to achieve more Doro worshippers and that’s why they put Dorojazzy, Dorotiwa, Dorosid.

Now some people would change there original beautiful names from Oluwabisi to

Dorobisi, Chidinma to Dorodinma, Seun to Doroseun, some even behind the occultic name e.g lil stunna Doroyinka.

It’s freaking sad that we always forget to listen to lyrics of songs & get their meaning before dancing to it.



  1. Let get it once in the beginning The lord said let create in our own Image and all men are god but GOD the father is the one we all serve so if the word DORO means god and he said Doro u and Doro Me that means u and me are god so stop saying its an olccultic song Pls either song it with ur name Ok DOROOMOH

  2. Don jazzy shud just tell us the meaning of DOROBUCCI, so that we can appreciate d song more. My quest moved me to check out d meaning in the dictionary, but couldn’t get it. Personally I lyk d song especially the beat and rythm. because of the way I and my siblings sing it always,my mum had to ask what the meaning of “DORO” was But am yet to tell her d meaning cos I don’t know it.

  3. Hmmm I really don’t kw it meaning too but don baba is nt high time u defend ur self publicly like (Eminado) we leta kw d meaning bt ds is s ? Hmmm don’t keeps in suspense many re already suspecting bt me No.. Still waiting 4 u

  4. Doro Mega, Doro super, Doro star, dorm mega superstar ooooo, illuminati or not, we love it, don jazzy, hit it #dorobucci on repeat, my phone my ipad my car, its dorobucci on repeat everywhere….. Doroyerima, I don’t change my name too and so what,,,,, dorobucci, I love uuuuu di’ja

  5. Once the spirit of God is not in you. U’ll be blown away by boy kind of breeze. Pls dose dat loves understanding, just the way we consult God for our decisions and future formation. Pls try to know d meaning before u sing a song, forget d beat. I was once addicted to eiffel 65 (i’m blue) but when i later reason d song and d meaning of blue. I tried ar much ar possible to let it go off me. I’m no longer blue, i’m for Christ. What about u are u for Doro?

  6. to me i see nothing wrong in the song, what is Doro? what language is Doro and which state uses the word Doro ?. Doro means big, it’s an urhobo word in delta state. am not an igbo person but i beliv buchi is creator so if donjazzy days dorobuchi it means big creator and if he uses it as a song as in Doro jazzy hes right cos he is big and rich. to me people should learn to mind thier biz. what will u say about the famous foreign song you listen to even when u know the singers are into illuminatic.