Don Jazzy Stopped From Following More People On Instagram


Ace Nigerian producer and boss of Mavin music — Don Jazzy says Instagram management has informed him he has reached the limit for following users on Instagram.

The Mavin music producer currently follows 7450 people and says when he reaches the threshold of 7500, he won’t be able to follow more people.

Instagram user policy states that a user account cannot follow more than 7500 people. ‘In order to reduce unwanted spam, Instagram has recently placed a cap on the number of people that any account can follow at 7,500. This helps ensure that users do not violate our Community Guidelines. This change affects accounts that currently have less than 7,500 followers’, the social media company announced a while back.

Here’s what Don Jazzy had to say about his ‘predicament’.

‘#DoroAnnouncement. Guys apparently Instagram stops me from following more than 7500 people. Yes I follow too many people cos it makes some people happy when I do. I like making people happy, live with it. That said, I see some people complaining about me posting too many pics. PLS if my posts re upsetting you in any way, and I’m following you, I totally understand. Pls just block me and we can both be great. You don’t get to see my annoying pics and I can clear up space to follow my people that want me to follow them. No hard feelings ooo. I still love you. osheee. God bless you as u cooperate’.

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