Doyin Okupe attacks Oby Ezekwesili…again.


Well he’s the Senior Special Assistant President Jonathan on Public Affairs…so every attack must be public.

Doyin started the attack after Mrs Ezekwesili tweeted about Bring Back Our Girls


  • Doyin okugbe is a useless nincompoop. He does not have the pedigree of oby. He is a shameless , hungry and non principled fellow who thrives on dirty job for discredited crooks. He is heaping curse on his entire generations. He will die poor and go to hell. He has no credibility.

  • it’s only in Nigeria that people like Doyin okupe still ve gut to be so appointed into public office,talkless of talking in public.this same man has a case to answer with d so called anti corruption agencies,bt bcos his in good book of d government of d day.shamless man

  • Grant these two individuals the benefit of academic pedigree,but they surely lack in wisdom about governance in multi-cultural and multi-psyco-social inclination.None of our leaders,both past and present can claim innocence about what becomes of the Nigeria project.Posterity will unviel our every actions or inactions.let’s forget about this cheap blackmail and grandstanding for some mundane reasons.

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