Escaped Abductee Says Abubakar Shekau Might Be Father Of Her Baby

A girl abducted 27 months ago by Boko Haram members is back and afraid that the sect leader Abubakar Shekau might be father of her baby.


Meenah Dawah (real name withheld for security reasons) revealed this in an exclusive interview with IQ4News.

The girl, who was abducted at the age of 17 after the insurgents had killed her parents, managed to escape this year after having been held in captivity for almost 2 years and a half.

Now Meenah says that she is having a baby from Shekau. According to the girl, she could hear screams of girls raped by the sect members and see them being tortured for refusal to change their faith.

The escaped victim narrated her story describing Shekau and conditions in which the kidnap victims are held.

“He seems to be panicking all the time and issuing instructions. He is a softly spoken man – it is almost as if he whispers, if you are meeting him for the first time, you would never be scared of him. But I soon learned that after every whisper something dangerous would happen somewhere in Nigeria…

“He once asked me if I was willing to fight for the cause, to which I answered no, he told me I could be a fighter and a domestic slave. I didn’t want to speak to him in case what I said offended him. All it would take was one wrong word and he would have had me killed. I thought he was drinking or taking something whenever he came, one could notice maybe he lost men or something was not right.

Meenah said that “Abu” has many children, all from different women. She lamented the abductees had to travel a lot, which was hard for her “with a baby strapped to my back”.

Some girls were forced to carry guns and bombs and one – even a rocket-propelled grenade launcher on her shoulder.

Meenah was badly shot in the leg, when the Nigerian army stormed the Boko Haram camp, but she managed to escape.

Upon returning home, she was treated in Maiduguri, however not warmly accepted by the remaining family, the girl confessed:

“My uncle will not have me because he is ashamed of my child whose paternity is not only questionable but is dangerous if it is Shekau.”

Now the girl, who lost almost all of her relatives, dreams about finishing her secondary education but doesn’t know how to overcome the huge gap. She was quoted saying:

“I know I am intelligent and willing to learn, but where do I start from?”

Source: IQ4News


  1. At least this will show Nigerians that Nigerian Soilders are working hard,if not this lady would not av escaped,Federal Govt.should pls begin Rehabilitatn for all escapees,and help them realise their dreams,afterall it wasnt their fault,pls family members,take and accept them with Love.They are faultless:

  2. My advice to the Government is that, they should take the reponsibility of the girl by sponser her good education .


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