Every Time Cristiano Ronaldo Complained Duting Germany vs Portugal At World Cup

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a terrible day at the World Cup on Monday, June 16, as Germany won 4 – 0 over Portugal.

Portugal’s most talented (and photogenic) player watched as his team fell apart in their first match against Germany. But Ronaldo didn’t just stand by, working on his tan while his team let four goals go in. He complained. Arms flailing, face-making, he complained.

Sorry, Cristiano, but you’re one of the best players in the world. Why the pouty face?

ronaldoreallymad.jpg ronaldohappy.jpg cristiano_ronaldo_complained_10 cristiano_ronaldo_complained_08 cristiano_ronaldo_complained_06 cristiano_ronaldo_complained_05 cristiano_ronaldo_complained_01

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