Exclusive: Benue Varsities in dire need of security after recurring attacks



Life seems unbearable for University students in Makurdi after series of attacks by unidentified groups.

Just few months back, Makurdi was battling with accommodating the influx of refugees driven from their ancestral homes by apparent Fulani Herdsmen.

Thousands of people died tragically to unnecessary killings. It was bloody and dreadful. The herdsmen killed everything along their path. The poor and innocent infants were not spared.

Their modulus operandi are identical to Boko Haram. In one village named Gbajimba, authorities were unable to find gunshots wound, as assumed, from bodies recovered after a raid by the daredevils.

Forensic results later revealed the use chemical weapons. Tension grew rapidly as tiv youths retaliated- targeting Fulani members in different locations in the state.

The Governor himself escaped death by the whiskers after a visit in one of the affected villages.

The Herdsmen, armed with sophisticated weapons, were hiding in the bush. On sighting the Governor’s convoy, they exchanged gun fire with his security men.

Afterwards, the refugees had their faith hanging on a noose when Suswam, the Governor of Benue state, advised them to march to their various villages and fight for their lands. Even after he noted the prowess of gunmen he saw.

It was a puzzling and an ill-fated advice.

Many critics like me wondered if the Governor expected the villagers to fight with terrorists, fully armed to the teeth.

However, peace talks between tiv farmers and fulani kingpins helped ameliorate the violence. And as the state is counting the economic losses, another predicament is unveiling.

As students of Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi were writing their exams last semester, a group of stern looking robbers attacked a bank located on campus. Due to the school located in an interior village, it was as easy as pie for the bandits. Unfortunately, their proposed plan on the bank foiled.

Instead, they resorted to attacking students on sight making away with Laptops, Phones and other items. This whole fracas lasted for an hour.

Benue state university which is located within the town was not spared. The armed group numbering over 10 according to a student who pleaded anonymity, revealed to Information Nigeria.

They attacked the female hostels and parted away with valuable items. One student revealed to us that they also injured many defiant male students.

The madness did not stop there. The College of Advance and Professional studies, CAPS, which is a stone throw from the Federal University of Agriculture that was attacked earlier, had unexpected visitors as early as 5am.

They had a successful operation for over three hours.

Students are on the receiving end of the unfortunate incidents, and unless the security operatives find a way to curb out this mess, there would be more attacks on the porous varsities.


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