EXCLUSIVE: Use of Drones for Killings could create precedent problems that BokoHaram may adopt

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

An investigation by Information Nigeria has revealed that the continuous use of Drones for surveillance and attacks by the United States could cause a pernicious future effect for the World- A Bipartisan panel has criticized the US clandestine use of Drones.

The group has also launched a scathing attack to the United States into why the Obama administration is yet to carry out a true analysis if the frequent use of “Drones” posts an hazardous effect or benefiting to the public.

President Obama administration are ardent users of drones for massive annihilation and spying.

But because of the high cost of maintenance of Drones, its unlikely the islamic-sect Boko Haram would be using the machinery anytime soon.

Yet, Nigeria has witnessed Boko Haram grow so rapidly that analyst predicts in a decade, if they still exist, could become an independent group capable of sustaining itself- With healthy monetary funding to its grasp- An identical situation of the Sunni terrorist operation in Iraq.

Boko Haram, which translates “Western Education is Sin” is a terrorist organization causing mayhem to Africa’s most populous country. The group is headed by Abubakar Shekau and seeks to establish what it calls a “pure” islamic state governed by the archaic Sharia law.

Despite its aim to completely annihilate Westernization, the group are observed to be users of items from Western life to promote their brand, and that has made its belief come under heavy criticism; amid the senseless killings that has exacerbated more scrutiny.

Boko Haram are known for carrying out attacks on Churches, Schools, Military barracks among others. Even going ahead to disguise to perform their sinister acts.

Recently, a usual attack on a shopping mall in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja killed over a dozen. The group’s prowess was further illustrated subsequently when they attacked an army barracks in Borno State killing 10 soldiers and abducting a few.

With the insurgents boasting of sophisticated weaponry for large-scale raids, its no new story that Boko Haram is supported and funded by a wealthy tree of porphyry

In Benue state, Fulani Herdsmen in an attack at a village a stone throw from the town Makurdi, used chemical weapons on the people of that settlement that resulted in the death of many.

Their modulus operandi strongly correlates with Boko Haram.

Using Chemicals Weapons, which are expensive, even further exposes the fact that Boko Haram is a wealthy organization, aiming at even creating its own state- Which frankly is its aim.

The report aforementioned raised strong warnings that other countries or terrorist organizations could replicate United States method for lethal attacks citing an example of the annexation of Ukraine by Russia. In the future, Russa might embark on using armed drones in Ukraine under the assumed belief that they are targeting or monitoring Anti-Russia enemies and then fail to reveal the output of such activity that might have led to civilian death.

Pilots are also on the receiving end of Drone use. The report that was filed backed that claim stating on Nytimes that ” because drone pilots watch their targets sometimes for days and weeks before pulling the trigger- and then see them blown up on a high resolution video screen- they are more susceptible to post-traumatic stress than pilots of manned aircraft.”


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