Fashion or Indecent Dressing?

It was her wedding. She was looking radiant and beautiful (or so I thought) beside her prince charming. She was wearing a rather low tube wedding dress.

The couple danced amidst cheers from family, friends and well wishers. It was time for the couple to climb the stairs to the magnificent podium their seat was and phew!..the groom accidentally stepped on the tip end of his bride’s gown…her two God given endowments were outside in the glare of all. I closed my eyes….


Indecent dressing is gradually becoming a habit embraced by all ages in the society. Before now, fashion was about what we were wearing but nowadays, it is the contrary; It is now about what we are not wearing, it is about how naked you can be seen, it is about how daring you can be in the “bare-it-for-all-to-see” game.


Indecent dressing is fast becoming a norm in places of worship where decency and holiness are meant to be the order of the day. Even the major influence on youths which is the media is not helping issues. What do we see around these days? Music stars in soft selling sex video describing it as an expression of self and art, artistes stepping out for functions in overtly revealing attires unashamed and even many more.


According to Mrs Ogbodo, a youth development person, aside from lack of parental guidance, most of our youths feel they have arrived and somewhat want to try out everything most foreign stars do; not minding the fact that most of these things they see on them are costumes which are only good to be seen on videos alone and not on Nigerian streets. She also added that our society is not one that should be devoid of morals like other foreign countries.


Like the African adage,”he who is harsh knows, he is just pretending not to know”, most of these youths who indulge in indecent dressing at one point or the other know that what they are wearing is not good…they just make a bold face or what I can call “I-dont-really-care” attitude out of it. And the fact that everyone does it and no one complains about it make many feel it is just cool to be half-naked in the public!

Or what will you say about a lady wearing a tight, skimpy skirt with a top that barely covers all the necessary places at the top and when her house key dropped on the floor of a crowded market, she was looking for who to bend down for her and pick it up? Will you tell me she didn’t envisage bending down to pick something before leaving the confines of her house?


Clothing came into being for the sole purpose of covering man’s nakedness;It was when fashion came into the picture that maladies started surfacing.Your dressing is meant to be make you comfortable and presentable in the eyes of all in the society and not the other way round.

Instead of being copycats of bad dressing from many home-based and foreign stars, there are many powerful women of virtues whose ways of life and dressing can be adapted. Michelle Obama, Onyeka Onwenu and many more are great women that cannot be caught looking cheap and slutty in their dressing. They also will not bare skin for anything in the world; not even in a bid to be noticed. So, be fashionable, but remember to always stay classy.

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