Fayose Declared Winner Of Ekiti Governorship Election

Ayodele Fayose, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded election in Ekiti State has been elected Governor.

Announcement of the results of the election was made by the Returning Officer for the 2014 governorship elections and Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti, Professor Isaac Azuzu, declaring the candidate of the PDP, Mr Ayodele Fayose winner.

The former governor, who ruled Ekiti State from 29 May 2003 to 16 October 2006, scored a total of 203090 to defeat other candidates who participated in the exercise.

“I wish to announce that Dr Tope Aluko of the PDP and Mr Dele of the National Conscience Party, NCP, have signed the result sheet,” Azuzu said after he called on party agents of the various political parties that participated in the elections to sign for the results sheet which indicates that they agree to the process and the election result.

“We have come to the grand finale of this exercise. Accord-268, AA–146, APC-120433, AD–843, CPP-967, LP 18125‎, KOWA –222, CPP–967, PDP-20309‎0, MPPP- 137, NCP–322, PDC–921, PPA–1050, SDP–65, UDP-67,” Professor Azuzu stated as he announced the breakdown of the final result.

As supporters of the PDP rejoice and set sight on other states currently ruled by the APC, some members of the opposition party has described internal leadership crisis as the party’s failing, warning that it may destroy the party if care was not taken.

“This election should teach us a lesson, some big people in the party that are more powerful than elected leaders will put us in trouble,” a member of the APC, who crave anonymity warned.


  1. Hummmmmm,its a pity,just last year EFCC confiscated some of his properties,bcos of his heinous financial recklessness while in govt,cases against him are still in court,ranging from murder and embezzlement.Yet GEJ still prefered him,just bcos of his 2015 ambition.Allowing GEJ to come back as president in 2015 will be great disaster for this nation.I pity Ekiti pple

  2. @Yaya Muritala, people of Ekiti has made their choice thru their vote, so all this allegations you were saying is just a way to console yourself. So let us respect the results and support the winner. Congrat Ayo Fayose.

  3. No matter the complaints of APC,the people of Ekiti have demonstrated the fact that power belong to people. This should serve as a warning to other APC governors who believe they are wiser and powerful than those who elected them. Congrats Ayodele, my name sake.

  4. Oga Jona u should have declared Fayose the winner since Friday bcox everybody knows dat election did not hold in Ekiti. Political persecution is now the trademark of pdp. Come 2015 we will catapult Oga Jona and ur ‘hat’ party out of villa. So u beta start packing. Party nd government of morons!

  5. Congratulations Fayose , this will send a message to other southern APC governors that they should desist from anti-people policy.

  6. It’s anoda era,let us join our hands together 2 support whosoever the Lord and mandate of d people has chosen 4 us.hweva,let’s stop,criticising and pre-empted vain alegation,the Lord will help us amen!LONG LIVE APC.LONG LIVE PDP,CONGRATULATIOM GOVERNOR AYO FAYOSE,AT LEAST IT’S ANOTHER CHANGE.

  7. How will Fayose not be declared d winner?Hw many Ekiti past governors had done what Fayose has done in Ekiti?Anybody dt is wrkng you will surely know,d reality is dt,FAYOSE SUD APOLOGISE 4 ALL HIS PAST WRONG DEEDS AND SHOULD HUMBLED HIMSELF NOW AS FATHER OF CHILDREN AS A RESPONSIBLE MAN.THE EKITI HAS CHOSEN THEIR GOVERNOR,NO RIGGING No manipulation,the solder and police were there to maintain peace they didn’t vote so let us rally round the hard-working Governor who has made significant change in Ekiti and is still making change,if he has not done well in ruling i am not saying other aspect characterwise,he wudn’t had won and president Jonathan wudn’t have raised his hands up as a candidate.PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN HIM,EVEN I DO NOT BELONG AT ALL TO HIS PARTY BT SEEING IS BELIEVING.LEt’s work hard and be Focus.

  8. PDP is just the great solution 2 problems in our country. I want 2 congratulate the pp of Ekiti for coming back 2 light. It’s only those who do not mean well 2 us in this country that will identify with boko haram APC. Thy ‘ll not win any election in this country. Nigerians are wise thy will not support u after u’re killed their own. Congrats fayose.

  9. It’ s the APC that demanded for a change- a slogan well published throughtout their campeign and now there’s change in Ekiti. A change from APC TO PDP. I advice their. Kwarian counterpart to learn before it’s too late. Congrat Mr. OSHOKOMOLE Of EKITI world wide.

  10. oooooooh yes ,awaiting messiah is back again to finish his mision and vision in ekiti state,a man of action and full of practical government and not the theory aspect i say CONGRATULATIONS,yes people like you,love you,becauose of what you’ve done in the past for the state.And am urging you not to allow the spirit of proudness to enslave you but the humble,meekness,gentleness,and the welfare of the people should always be the ultimate thing in your government,once again i said congratulation,GOD BLESS FAYOSE,GOD BLESS EKITI PEOPLE.

  11. Shey den sabi good musiz for zimbabwe ni? Stupid country, stupid fans. Fuck dem all. D’banj u still dey dere joor no mata wat dem haterz think or say

  12. Congrat Mr Fayose a.k.a Oshokomole of Ekiti land.APC demands for change and God answered their prayer.no cause for alarm.

  13. What a great victory! When power of incubency is not a garantee to victory in election then we are going somewhere. Yoruba adage said and i quote ”pasan t’a fi na iya’le, o n be l’aja fun ‘yawo” meaning ”d rod use on d first wife is still in stock for d step wife”. We re in d era of free and fare election which president OLUSEGUN OBASANJO said its not possible even if conducted by angels. Nigerian is going somewhere. Osun 2014 and 2015 presidency election whatsover d outcome d defeated should accept defeat and winners should under nothing is constant in life exept change so BEWARE!!!

  14. Very fantastic results. This shows that Nigerians will not bend to the will of hooligans. APC is head by a tout called Tinubu. They are obviously part sponsors to the Boko Haram insurgency. All their antics to discredit the current President will fail.

  15. Yaya you should pity yourself and your state and region that is ravaged by your brothers,the boko haram.Ekiti need no pity in choosing their leader vountrily.if there is any state with wisdom and knowledge,it is Ekiti.so cry your own cry and leave your pity to your selg


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