Fayose Readies For Second Stint As Ekiti Governor As He Leads Polls

Preliminary results in the Ekiti State governorship election held Saturday, 21 June has shown that the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Ayo Fayose may be set for a return to the gubernatorial seat in the state.

Apart from minor hitches observed in some polling units, the election was generally peaceful.

The three leading candidates, Governor Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele of the Labour Party (LP) and Mr Ayo Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), hailed the conduct of the poll by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), although Fayemi decried the presence of PDP leaders in the state and the alleged attempted abduction of APC leaders.

Reports from several polling units showed that Fayose had won in many of the key areas in the state, including Ado-Ekiti.

Bamidele Opeyemi of the Labour Party reportedly did well in his home town of Iyin-Ekiti.

Below are some of the preliminary results:

Ara Ekiti

Polling Unit 002

PDP 102, APC 32

Igbara – Odo Ekiti

Ward 8, Polling Unit 009

APC 32, LP 11, PDC 01, PDP 69

Polling Unit 008

PDP 62, APC 47, LP 2

Imesi Ekiti, Ward 5, Polling Unit 003

PDP 36, PDC 1, PPA 1, NPC 1, APC 4

Ilawe Ekiti.

APC 12, PDP 69, LP 2

Ward 1, Polling Unit 1

PDP 46, APC 21

Eyio Ekiti

Polling Unit 001

PDP 72, APC 40

Polling Unit 002

PDP 102, APC 30

Polling Unit 003

PDP 67, APC 64

Polling Unit 004

PDP 93, APC 23, LP 5



PD 59, APC 25


PDP 26, APC 13


PDP 47, APC 18


PDP 36, APC 6


PDP 67, APC 39

Town Hall

PDP 80, APC 45


PDP 40, APC 36


PDP 74, APC 44


PDP 47, APC 56


PDP 58, APC 29


PDP 3, APC 14


PDP 11, APC 9

Ikole LG
Odo Oro

PDP 748, APC 564

Igbara Odo ward 8: Unit 02 PDP – 75, APC – 52, LP-7.

Unit 11: PDP – 73, APC – 33, LP – 2.

Unit 06 PDP – 70, APC – 51, LP-3.

Unit 09 PDP – 68, APC – 22, LP – 5.

Unit 13A PDP – 98, APC – 55, LP-5.

Unit 13B PDP-108, APC-26, LP-8.

Fayemi, who spoke with newsmen after the election expressed satisfaction regarding the level of preparedness and the arrangement put in place by INEC.

He commended the electoral umpire for bringing the electoral materials as early as possible and introducing innovation to eliminate delays in the voting process and eradicate irregularities during elections.

The governor said that with this development, there were indications that the Ekiti election would record fewer hitches than that of Anambra in November 2013.

Despite the good comments of observers and voters interviewed by several news platforms about the conduct of the election, the APC leadership, last night, issued a statement, rejecting the outcome of the election.


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