First Photo Of Sudanese Woman Sentenced To Death For Abandoning Islam Finally Free

The christian Sudanese lady sentenced to death, Meriam Ibrahim for apostacy was released yesterday June 23rd and finally united with her husband.


In The picture Meriam is seen joined by her husband on her right by her husband, Daniel Wani and their young son Martin and daughter Maya who was conceived in prison, flanked by their legal team.

Meriam Father was a Muslim but due to her father abandoning her, she grew up in the Christian faith and got married to 27 year old Christian Daniel Wani in 2011 December.

The court had cancelled their marriage and and demanded the child must inherit Islam as the father’s religion, as she refused she was sentenced to death by hanging.

This sentence outraged the world and Sudan later bowed to international made a U-turn and on June 1, 2014.


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