Four reasons Chelsea won’t win the EPL next season- [Femi’s Column]

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

If there’s nothing more assured as England losing on penalties; Tottenham missing out on top four; its Chelsea deficiency in securing the English Premier League title next season. And here’s why:

1- Manager Boring tactics: Mourinho won the English Premier League trophy for the blues in his maiden season at the club with a record 95points. The following year the London outfit retained the Premier League title- add an Fa Cup and League Cup double- illustrates a fantastic manager Jose Mourinho is.

However, their boring defensive style-of-play came under scrutiny throughout those successful campaigns, and a counter measure approach would have seen teams stop Chelsea early.

Jose departed and took his tame tactics to a different league. And its no surprise he succeeded; winning the SerieA and other domestic titles.

Now, its all different. Football is more advanced. Even smaller teams are getting the same training method that the big boys are accustomed too.

And its no drama fencing Chelsea was as easy as pie last season- Defend; Make Hazard Frustrated; Take your chances.

Eden Hazard, probably aware of this leak fumed after Atletico Madrid sunk Jose’s men in the Semis of the Uefa Champions League.

“Chelsea are not made to play football”

“Often, I’m asked to do it all by
myself and it’s not easy.”

Westham and Norwich each took a point at Stamford Bridge during that pulsating title contest last season. Mourinho, instead of going back to the drawing board to remediate his baseless tactics, resorted to naming Westham a “19th century club” simply because they gave his players a taste of their own medicine- Chelsea visited the Emirates last time out to defend. A frustrated section of the Arsenal supporters eventually sang the popular “Boring Boring Chelsea” song.

The hammers throughout the game were compact and organized in their defensive role.

Eden Hazard was barely given space to display his brilliance and one could sense his frustrations.

Norwich ostensibly took note. They knew a point at the Bridge was valuable to their relegation-prone club.

The canaries took to the field and replicated a Westham approach. It was fruitful. Stalemate it ended- Jose was furious but refused to blame his style of play again- Chelsea shot themselves in the foot for the title.

And if he carries on next season, expect other lesser teams to fancy three points against Chelsea.

2- Experience lacking: Manchester City came out victorious last season because in them, many of the lads who participated and fought for their first English Premier League title in ( I can’t remember how many years ) were present again. In contrast, Chelsea are preparing to enter next season without their experienced anchor men.

John Terry after Jose refused to guarantee his future is heading for an exit. Frank Lampard wants to dine in Sheikh Mansour’s; New York City FC. Ashley Cole even if he stayed, is second fiddle to the energetic Azpilicueta. The reliable Peter Cech is set to be sold to make way for Courtois.

Experience wins big. Liverpool lost the title in an abysmal manner because many of their influential players were not properly oriented on the arduous task in securing the Premier league. They took their foot off the pedal and slipped too.

The Gunners despite staying adrift on the log for a long period the same previous season stuttered too. That is down to the fact that the players did not possess the mental capacity to fight for the trophy.

And as Gary Neville noted; that Arsenal team needs a trophy celebration togetherness to sprout a new positive adventure.

3- New Players need to adapt: Jose Mourinho is interested in a couple of signings this summer. Infact I can envisage he doesn’t mind bringing in a fresh 11 a side players to replace his already bogus squad.

If he intends on bringing in a large number players this transfer, expecting a swift response is sometimes impossible.

Despite the mockery United faced in their nightmare-transition season, the future is bright for the Manchester team. And a few positives must be observed- Fellaini requires a better coach; Juan Mata would only get better; Adan Januzaj from the academy is a future prospect.

4- Other Serious Contenders: This last point has to be more of an opinion. Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City to me look like real contenders for that trophy come May 2015.

The Reds are holding on to their key players and seem determined to learn from last season’s mishap. Similarly the boys from Manchester City are holding on that “experience factor” for success next season, identical to their Manchester rivals vibrant tenor under Alex Ferguson.

For Arsenal, that Fa Cup triumph came at the right time. Just as aforementioned, Gary Neville wrote for the Daily Mail explained that ” Togetherness ” similar to experience is vital for success.

Chelsea will finish fourth.


  1. Thou am a chelsea fan, I so much agree to femi’s points. I just hope the managements @ chelsea will stop this old fools madness.

  2. Femi i advice you look for something better to do with your time than what you think you doing now. Have you played for any local club in Nigeria? you open your mouth to criticize somebody who is doing well. if you must criticize look for pple like Wenger and Moyes to criticize and leave THE SPECIAL ONE alone please……


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