‘ From Road Accident in Nigeria; With Love ‘



Asif we don’t have enough problems in Nigeria. And I don’t even see Boko Haram as our major difficulty; or the recurring killings by Fulani Herdsmen; diseases you name it. Rather, the major disaster affecting the country is when you witness Groups, Organizations, Individuals discussing endlessly about ‘certain crises’ with no reasonable solution.

Some even go ahead to showcase their vibrant vocabulary skills- All bark, no bite- Just like ‘A’ President.

Am not really a fan of stats and numbers, but the previous year was by far the worst Road Accident fatalities ever recorded.

Remember the month of April last year. That dreadful period. Road Accident stories flooded the media horizon.

One friday, past noon on the same April, a tanker; truck and luxury bus had a terrible collision on the notorious Benin-Ore expressway. Over 100 people perished making it one of the worst Road Accident scene in history.

That horrible fact has not in anyway served a lesson to the Users, Security Agencies or Government.

During a visit to one of the Public Transport MotorParks in Benue state few weeks back, I bared witness to one of the most shocking Modulus Operandi, that afterwards, am not surprised on why there’s a sudden increase in Road Mishaps.

Drivers of this particular Road transport company (Name Hidden) are treated in an abysmal manner- they are forced to be extremely obsequious to their fate.

After embarking on a strenuous 13-hours trip from Makurdi to Lagos, a driver was made to make a return journey the following day, then drafted to Abuja for another job, finally forced to Nassarawa Lafia for motor maintenance.

To my bewilderment, neither the Transport hierarchy nor Driver himself were bothered about fatigue due to lack of required sleep. The ultimate goal was to make the imaginary successful Journey and make income for the organization.

These are the same categories of drivers that ply the major highways in the sinister of methods.

I was privilege to travel through the Lagos Ibadan expressway axis and frankly I hope I don’t again anytime soon. The way drivers ride on that Road is heart aching.

The Heavy Duty riders, who are suppose to orchestrate smooth cohesion for the smaller vehicles are the major culprits for reckless driving.

Is it down to Illiteracy? Not really. Realistically, being aware or seeing Fatal Road crashes scenes are self-educating- You really don’t need a teacher to lecture you on the effect of bad driving.

Instead, they must register for programs that teach the Road dictators on tips of Good driving and laws that govern Good driving.

A few of the Drivers I had a frank chat with revealed they drive very fast to avoid cases of Armed Robbery; stylishly passing the bait to the Security Agencies.

For me, the Agencies are not doing enough. The Government must now work in tandem with them. Albeit, am not really a fan of Road-Blocks due to its own occasional corrosive instances. Still, they seem the only way out to solve the predicament of Robbery cases till there’s a viable method, so I will stop there.

For the Government, they have a major role in the fight of this problem.

Dilapidated roads should be transformed to ply-able grounds. Road signs, Traffic lights e.t.c must be upgraded.

Unless all these are sorted soonest, the quandary could turn on its head.


  1. The attack by Bokoharam set becomes more frequent after the capture of 486 @ Imo state claiming to be job seeker. I think they should not be let go and other detaines or suspect. S S S, police, civil defence, and all other forces should be very very alight in check points as their attack sprades wield to save country and it’s citizen.

  2. It dishearting that Road Accidents kills Nigerians more to Diseases and Boko Haram does. And i think the major cause of this is Fatigue, Over Speeding and Bad Roads. Plsz DRIVE SAFELY, THE DEAD DO’NT CELEBRATE.


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