Ghanaian Bombshell, Joselyn Dumas: ‘I Prefer A Friend With Benefits, I Don’t Like Relationship Pressures’

Sexy TV Personality, Ghanaian actress and mother of 1 daughter, Joselyn Dumas in a recent interview on a radio programme revealed that she prefers a friend with benefits to being in a relationship.

The topic in question was ‘Can A Man And Woman Be Just Friends?’

Joselyn Dumas’ response:

As friends sometimes sex could be needed to test if a relationship is possible. Then she continued;

“I think that when there is a tag in a relationship, it becomes a problem, then the expectations are quite high. But when you have a friend with benefits you see how it goes. If it goes well, and we eventually decide that we are going to take it a step further, Kudos. But once this is my boyfriend, this is my girlfriend or I’m married, there is that pressure, I don’t personally like that, so I will have a friend with benefit” she said.

So what do you guys think????



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