Guy Didn’t Know His Real Name Until He Was 11

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You know nothing Jon Snow, and neither did Kit Harrington. Seriously, he didn’t even know his real name until he was 11.

Sounds weird, right? Glamour magazine thought so, too, and sought to understand why the “Game of Throne” star’s parents didn’t let him in on the fact that his first name is actually Christopher.

“I haven’t got a clue! I think they could see that I wanted to be Kit, but Christopher was a bit of a tradition,” he explained to the magazine. “My brother’s name is Jack, but his real name is John. Kit is traditionally an offshoot of Christopher, it’s just not used that often. My middle name is Catesby.”

The 27-year-old actor definitely seems more like a Kit than a Christopher to us, and he’s just one of the many stars to go by a moniker other than the ones on their birth certificates.


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