Harry Akande Urges FG To Negotiate With Boko Haram

A one-time presidential aspirant, Chief Harry Akande has urged the federal government to negotiate with the Boko Haram sect to secure the release the abducted schoolgirls.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos, Akande lamented the dreadful conditions the girls suddenly found themselves and the pathetic labyrinth their parents were plunged into.

“This whole scenario is frightful, hazardous, barbaric and unconscionable,” he said.

“As a parent, I find this shocking, sickening and damaging. The Federal Government should immediately negotiate with the Boko Haram insurgents and release these girls now,” Akande added.

“The options open for their release are very limited; therefore negotiation is the only preferred latitude. If indeed these girls have been located, our hope is that they are still together in one bunch for easy rescue.”

He explained further, “The use of force now should not be considered because the captors and the captives would always be together. In an attempt to get one, the other may be equally, or more brutally, affected as the girls, God forbid, may be used as ‘shock absorbers’ or human shields.”

He was bitter about the unimaginable plight of these girls now; so he strongly pleaded with our government to “negotiate publicly or even secretly” with Boko Haram people so as to bring back our girls safely.

Akande also commended the Federal Government for involving the U.K, USA, Israel and France, but believed that none of these military personnel would like to die for Nigeria.

“These aid providers” he said, “were already saying that our military people were “afraid to engage” and that high-grade corruption was hampering their aid efforts. These are some of our weak areas that are rendering our military ventures ineffective.”

He added “Boko Haram people may be “faceless”, but our intelligence personnel must go to work. We should negotiate with these insurgents, free our girls and later empower our intelligence system. Then they will be able to pre-empt and confront any possible terrorist operations in our land henceforth.”


  1. Well,it is a pity that Mr Herry Akande pleg the federal govt,inorder to negotiate with BOKO HARAM after claiming many life,If d federal government make attempt to negotiate wiyth BOKO HARAM,The blood of d people that lost their soul,we not forgive u,I want call Mr president attention,that this is a we suppose to join our voice together nd say enough is enough for wasting innocent soul,we suppose to call it quiet,Because if federal govt read compromise with dis people,They we think that they crucial,But BOKO HARAM,is a body while Nigeria is a nation,what is happen,let the security to d nation,what stop them inorder to arrest those bad element.pls bring back our girls.