I Married My Husband Because He Impregnated Me; I Regret It ––Actress Juliet Ibrahim

I told you guys that actress Juliet Ibrahim’s marriage to her handsome husband has packed up, right? Well the séxy babe has come out to give her side of the story and why she regretted her once happy marriage.

She claims that the marriage was a big mistake in the first place that should never have happened because she only married her Kwadwo after he got her pregnant when they were into “rough playing” things.

As a result of the unplanned pregnancy, Kwadwo agreed to marry her so that they can give the child a home and start a family together. But to her dismay and constant agony, Kwadwo’s family never supported the marriage and even failed to show up during the marriage ceremony in open display of their disapproval and lack of support.

What further made the whole issue worse was that about a year ago, Kwadwo got involved with another lady who also had fair complexion and she started competing with her for the love and affection of her husband…


Juliet got very angry at her husband because the fair complexion of the said lady was as a result of bleaching and she wondered why her husband would fall for somebody like that. LMAO!! Men are unpredictable!
They couldn’t manage the crisis that followed hence the marriage collapsed. It was also after the breakup with her husband that her relationship with Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna started.
Juliet Ibrahim’s affair with IK Ogbona is kind of shaky but the guy is hoping that they will get along in a bit


  1. It’s rare før a man to impregnate a woman that isn’t his wife.Just say u got pregnant før him Α̲̅πϑ he married u.Other guys could had denied Tђξ parternity Α̲̅πϑ fizzle away leaving u to raise Tђξ child alone as a single mum but NO he didn’t do that.He married u Α̲̅πϑ wiped Tђξ shame from ur face…Now,u have Tђξ mouth to talk rubbish,All these celebs with their endless issues…#Omashe o#

  2. @ Mercy, u spoke my mind you are indeed a virtuous woman. All these celebrities have their eyes on every man. No doubt she’s eyeing somebody’s husband.

  3. It is handsome Indeed and it is could be a nice coup dispait the problems from the family side to mr handsome guy! Some of the things is just family issues let them sit down and discas and see the way forward about let them be togather ok, may God all might be with you jesus name amen.

  4. Rubbish, you aren’t faithful to your husband otherwise you would have learn to take up a role as a mother and manage your husband.for the fact that you are very sure the baby is for both of you, you should stand for the sake of your child. Am out of here. Can’t listen to this joker.

  5. Is a shame how pple blame women when tins go wrong in marriage. It is sad. Do u guys know wat most women go thru in d hands of men in d name of marriage. @ mercy if truly u are a woman I pity u big time. Don’t be quick to judge pple whether celebrities or not.

  6. Indeed nt all dat gliter are Gold.all dis celeb wif dia complain. Husband house is nt easy,buh u av 2 stand by ur husband no mater wat”go ask ur mama if he dy easy”

  7. @Nneoma,I pity u more o.Maybe u two are birds Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡f thesame feather cos if u had any brains on ur head,u wil imbibe sense Α̲̅πϑ understand ♍Ɣ point Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡f view.YDS

  8. @Janet,pls drop ur comment Α̲̅πϑ bounce.I wonder what’s ur own in this,I can’t remember mentioning ur name in ♍Ɣ commments or are u trying to pin ur guilty conscience on me?Lwkmd.A̶̲̥̅m outa here

  9. What married women are going thru is much, it takes d grace of God nd undastandin to cop, but I want to ask dis celebs are dey readin ur comment or u’re just makin mouth out there

  10. Life is all abt understanding! Let just try and understand ourselve here and stop throwing abusive words on wish other!! Marriage in life is to be managed! I pray dey shuld try and resolve d issue amicably within demselve. Peace

  11. Mercy becareful,marriage is not what u think it is,because u don’t know what people are going through in their marriages or homes. Please Learn and don’t judge,for u not to be judged and also learn to have manners too,u re a lady it would really help u in life.

  12. Soo u guys sex without protection…. what a
    sham 2 u both…n yet she regrat it….wht example ar u guys displaying 2 ur fan…. all of u ar Big idiot……

  13. Anyways I dnt hv much to say, my own contributn is dat for d guy to stand beside her means he loves her, I fink juli shuld ask hersef wot she did dat makes d Huby to look outside @least for d sake of dia child. Dey shuld resolve it like dey said b4 dey dnt want dia child to grow up witout a home. I wish u guys d luck

  14. She said the man Is looking outside. Like seriously? If she be one of solomom 700 wives will she kill herself when solomon got 300 concubines to support his 700 wives? Ladies should stop this act of wanting to have the man only to themselves even if you are married to him. If he respect you, that’s all you want but investigating him to know his side chicks will only make you lose your marriage. My advise: let your husband be & he will see reason why he need to stick with you& not you wanting to be equal with him.


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