Ibinabo Fiberesima Tells Us Why She Visited Aso Rock


Current AGN president — Ibinabo Fiberesima has been under attack recently from all directions, especially after she and some Nollywood entertainers visited President Goodluck Jonathan in Aso Rock where she also got a federal appointment.

Her critics have accused her of touring around the globe begging government and companies for money but Ibinabor while fielding question recently said it is very untrue.

She what she said below: –

“Very not true. associations work rigorously to have audience with the president of their country for the general welfare of their association. For a long time nollywood as an industry have not had that chance to have direct audience with the president of Nigeria. I am so glad that in my time as president of AGN, we were able to achieve that, is it not a thing of joy? search for my speech on that day online, i never asked for any personal gains. As a result of that Audience, we have been able to take care of our members who are sick, begin preparations for our own office secretariat and many more. But people that are intent on sowing seeds of division will stop at nothing to spoil something good. Here’s what i have to say to them ” you are nothing more than mere distractions, i and my team remain focused”. Thanks for the question’ she said.


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