If I Expose All The Atrocities Of APC, Their Relationship With Boko Haram, Truth About Chibok Girls, Nigeria Will Burn – Fani-Kayode

F-Fani-KayodeA former Minister of Aviation, Chief Fani-Kayode, has advised his former boss, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to put an end to his romance with the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) because the party hierarchy detests him and are only ‘using him’ to ride to power.

He revealed that it was unfortunate that the ex-president has not seen beyond the veil in his relationship with the leadership of APC, which he described as ‘evils’.

Fani-Kayode made this startling revelations in a statement on Sunday, where he detailed the operations and true color of the APC leadership, as well as their contribution to the security challenges currently facing the country.

The former APC member revealed that he chose the right path (returning to the Peoples Democratic Party) after carefully studying the workings in the party, one he said when brought to light, would shock many Nigerians to their marrow.

According to him, “I will also use my good offices to talk to Baba Obasanjo to stop flirting with these demons in the APC, because deep down, they secretly hate him. Other than those that left PDP to go to APC, the rest of them despise OBJ and are only using him. We must save OBJ from them.

“I once described the party (PDP) as a ‘sinking ship’ and, at the time, I meant it. However, it is now my firm resolve that we shall join hands with all men and women of goodwill from now on and, together, we shall stop that ship from sinking. This is because we have no choice but to do so.

“I would rather go back to a sinking ship and salvage it rather than be in bed with a bunch of ruthless men and women, who have blood on their hands and whose desperation for power and to rule over those that they believe were born to be their slaves, borders on obsession.

“Despite all its defects and challenges, I have gone back to my family, the PDP, and I am glad to be back there. I am also glad that they have welcomed me with open arms. Now the work begins”.

Fani-Kayode further revealed that he was ready to expose the atrocities of APC, which, according to him, was parading itself as an alternative to the PDP.

“So far, I have only revealed 10 per cent of what I know because I do not want to create havoc in this country. But slowly, the whole truth about the APC will emerge. Who really started the party, what its real agenda is, whose interests it is designed to further and protect, what foreign links it has, what its historical antecedents are, where its real funding comes from and so on and so forth will soon come out.

“Simply put, the Haramites in the APC cannot be trusted with power. It is as simple as that. They are the greater evil and they are the greatest of all evils. They are the darkness that seeks the darkness. Whether we like to accept it or not, PDP is the only party that can stop them from winning power at the centre in Nigeria and that is why I have gone back to that party.

“If I choose to speak out, fight back and tell the world who and what they are, what they represent, how they love to shed blood, their relationship with Boko Haram, the truth about Chibok [abducted girls] and the role some of their leaders played in it, their Islamist agenda, their links with the Middle East and the Arab world, their born-to-rule mentality, their desire to use the South West and later dump them, their utter disdain for southerners, the Middle Belt, the northern minorities, the moderate Muslims and the Christian community and so much more this country will burn.

“For 38 years, they enjoyed power and now they are destabilising the government, making the country ungovernable, slaughtering innocent civilians at will and abducting children just to get it back. They have also infiltrated the military and our security agencies with their moles and they have divided our army. Yet, these are the people that are talking and pointing fingers at others”, Fani-Kayode stated.

The former minister said the overwhelming majority of the party’s membership never had an inkling on the idea or agenda of the party.

He, however, expressed the hope that Nigerians would commend him for taking the bold step of exposing the agenda of the party.

“Sadly, the overwhelming majority of its members have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes and what the agenda really is. Those are the ones that I really feel sorry for.

“They will cry at the end of the day if the APC is ever able to seize power at the federal level, because if that happens, we will all become second class citizens in a new colony.

“In addition to this, most of the more reasonable and rational leaders in the party are complaining bitterly behind the scenes, but they are too scared to speak out or to leave the party. I urge them all to do so before it is too late”, he added.


  1. Poor Fani. No time to play this gutter game of throwing blames at each other. We need facts and proves in Nigeria now, not baseless claims.

  2. This man must be mad.Nigerians should be very carefull because he himself were among those people who destroy this country.Nigerians knew what does when he was a minister of avation.To Hell with U.

  3. We knw ur game already, wen d EFFC case is no longer in ur favor den u go back 2 wat u vomit. Ur words cant b trusted

  4. I know Fani to be lousy but speaks the truth most times! So his lousiness have made people see him as spreading false alarms. But sincerely he doesn’t relent in speaking the truth, I just hope we Nigerians dig in on this matter.

  5. We don’t need your type fani or whatever your name is called. All we need is a government who is ready to fight for our cause and better our lives. Your type of politician is called prostitution. Are not the part of the problem? You were once a federal minister of aviation what are your achievements? Enough of this pdp apc rubbish. Jagajaga nation.

  6. Fani or whatever u called your self, since you know what they are doing, you are among them. Please this Part stuff and do something reasonable for once in this country. Jagajaga Country.

  7. With all humility sir, Mr. Fani Kayode is a seasoned fool… With the collections of your academic laurels, you have become a political puppet! I renounce you as my mentor as from this day henceforth… Indeed you are a bloody confussionist… Its a pity!

  8. I really which this man can for once keep quiet. if he indeed has things to reveal that can make Nigeria boil, I will rather he says those things and let Nigeria boil once and for all and then possibly cool off. Is Nigeria not already boiling now. I think he just comes up with stuffs like this out of fear of being totally forgoten or left out in the scheme of things.

    • mr femi fani kayode,i ve been suspecting ur movement ever since mr jonathan invited u to aso rock,i knew something is about to happen,pls sir cant u behave mature for once or learn from the likes of el-rufal,dino malaye,oby,tinubu,fashola,peter obi,rochas and others good and notable politician in nigeria,everytime u fool ur self because of money and i know very soon u will dump pdp for labour party and i dont understand why jonathan want u back in pdp bcos ur are not relevant u dont have followers,u acnt even win a councillor seat in my community,useless idiot.

  9. One tin that upset me so much in dis country is pple like Fani kayode, if I if I, bt they will never say d tin. Even on AIT, Channels etc, they will nw say ” I don’t want 2 say it” pls wen will U pple stat saying tins. Rubish.

  10. Fani is an idiot,reveal what you know about APC and let nigetia boil,bcos wr are already boiling. Your fucking problem is “ISLAMOPHOBIA” moron.

  11. FFK.u’re a big fool.Nigerians are wiser now.people like u are chameleon. nigerians,watch out,dis useless idiot is coming to betray PDP again o.FEMI FANI KAYODE,u’re an idiot.

  12. People like Fani Kayode are not surpose to be a leader. He his personally confuse and want to bring us Nigerians into his confused state of mind. Ppl are dieing everyday and all u could think of is to play politics with delicate matter. U are a bloody liar u have nothing to reaveal, u are only trying to justify going back to PDP u are a disgrace to this nation. Bastard

  13. I am sure Femi has been assured that his EFCC case will be dropped along side other juicing promises. Consistently inconsistent fellow.

  14. …Fani knows what he is saying. Is it a lie that APC are only interested in short romance before dumping the West after using the west to get to power? is it a lie that APC have sympathy for Boko Haram? is it a lie that APC are peopled with Born to rule mentality? is it a lie that APC of Arewa-North hates the South and Northern minorities as well as the Middle Belt of Nigeria? Is it a lie that APC does not know about the Chibok abduction? Are all these allegations lies? If you think they are lies, go and ask Mr Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano.

  15. FFK, y not come out to say all ds rubbish wen u were wt dem? Cos u were all winning n dining togeda n now dat u return to ur so kald sinking ship dat u ll all perished in, den u can say all ds trash so to see dr favour

  16. If U past, present or coming leaders are not there to help out this Country in it’s troubled waters, then all of U should go and R.I.P….most of U are expired…we need solution. Oga K. If U cannot hit the nail on the head, then stop teasing Us with Ur creative writings. Mttteeew! All of U will go, Nigeria will stay remember!

  17. Fani have said the truth and the truth shall set him free. It’s no more a secret to reasonable Nigerians that APC is sympathetic to Boko haram course, it’s not a secret that APC,s romance with Obasanjo is for political gain and not out of love or is it a secret that Chibock kidnap is a scam from APC to discredit Jonathan? Is it also a secret that the north have nothing in common with south west except to use them to gain political power? Everyone of us new what happened when we overwhelmingly voted MKO to power, he was not only denied the post of president but was killed by the north including his wife. The condition given to Obasanjo to be president when they found out that the south west was not happy on Abiolas treatment was for him to have only one term and relinquish power to the original owners [the north] as they presumed, why have the south west become so blind to the truth except few of them, even a blind man knows that tinubu and buhari, though the same religion are not same, MKO was a moslem but was denied leadership just for being a southerner. pls let us southerners be reasonable to issues when they come. If they, [northern members of APC] are sincere in their party, they should allow a southerner to be presidential flag bearer of APC party.

  18. Pls ma fellow nigerians, dis called Fani Kayode is saying rubbish nd if he has a point nd comfirmed prove, he shud open up to every nigrians, cos his stories is nt helping suitation, d only is solution dt we ned now, so if he can say it out nd prove, it will b beta fr all of us, nd d solution shall b seen. Tnx.

  19. Please expose dis guys abeg U̶̲̥̅̊ so that all †̥ђέ people they are deceiving will know †̥ђέ truth. G̶̲̥̅̊​O̶̲̥̅̊​D̶̲̥̅̊​ bless nigeria

  20. Fani or what is ur name dis is d kind of femi pedro traitor asewo we are not fool u can go and tell ur family what u know and stop asking like a saints u are intrested in money and power and have no love for d ordnary naigerians how many people have u help or give food u have been in power mr femi fool pls stop yanning dust and rust wit ur lies ode

  21. F.F.K should go ahead and mention the apc agenda and their involvment in boko with chibock girls abduction for the sake of thomose among us who can not understand the apc hand writing on the wall please femi if u have ang usefull information say it,whatever will hapen let hapen after all we seen 99 so 100 can not terify us,we are waiting to hear from u mr femi.

  22. You people sure know how to castigate people. Femi might be saying the truth. All we need now is for him to tell us what he knows instead is writing rubbish about him. You guys are so gullible. That’s why you’ll remain in the same place for a long time to come. Inglorious bastards.

    • It‘s a pity to know that you are as childish and foolish as Fani Kayode,please wake-up,this man is disgracing the Intelligent Yorubas,we‘ve known our Yoruba brothers to be so intelligent,so senseble,so loving and so generally so,but this man is not like that,may be he‘s not a complete Yoruba cos they‘re categorically not like him,don‘t say what you don‘t know,if you do,you‘ll see what you don‘t know,and there some people like Fani who don‘t know and they don‘t know that they don‘t know.

  23. Only an idiot can vomit and at the same time swallow whatever vomited. FFK you are a problem to yourself. After all the soothsaying to save your ass from EFCC and spying in the name of decamping from ruling party to opposition and to the ruling party again. FFK you are a fool because you are now telling the world that during your stay in APC as a member you know the opposition are behind the BH insurgency and failed to save innocent lives by telling the authorities concern to take preventive measures before the attacks. Your expressions is telling us that you are part of the problems of Nigeria. Your greediness and power mongering as well as your hypocricy is a clear indication that you are not an honest man. You are a disgrace to yourself, a gembo to your tribe and miki to your faith. Above all, a time bomb to Nigeria and Nigerians.

    • Nice saying Man When he FF knows about the Chibok girl before the attack while cant he go to the right Authority then he an anty party a political prostitude foolish man..

  24. Again mr Fool make sure u have a proof mr Nounsence Nigeria pls watch out for another kind of Traitor wise up naija people

  25. Mr fani, we all are human. If there is anything to say, say it rather than playing with peoples head. Mr Asari Dokubo said wat he wat to say, why cant you say what you want to say.
    Nigeria is our our own, if it’s bad it’s bad for us, if it’s good then it’s good for us.
    If you know something comeout in the open and say it.
    These things has to stop.

  26. Mr fani, we all are human. If there is anything to say, say it rather than playing with peoples head. Mr Asari Dokubo said wat he wat to say, why cant you say what you want to say.
    Nigeria is our our own, if it’s bad it’s bad for us, if it’s good then it’s good for us.
    If you know something comeout in the open and say it.
    These things has to stop.
    We need real information with proof

  27. My fellow Nigerians, nw we cn c another traitor here again, just let’s beg dis stupid man to give prove of all his nonsence talk, bicos if he can give prove, dat means we av seen solution to our nation’s problem.

  28. My fellow nig,we shaould be vatical when it comes to chriticle and serious matter like this,now that femi has given us an introduction of information i sugest we should encourage him collectively to expose them and tell the world how the apc suck blood of nig.Through insurgency and the scam behind chibock girls abduction.Please mr femi tell us the bitter true u know about this murderious gang they called party and save more nig,souls please we are waiting before this week runs out.

  29. Nigerians try to me wise, calling him a fool while you all end up fooling yourselves. Have you all forgoten, in a pool of lies their stands an atom of truth. If we could count all your wrongs, you would see how mess you all have turned to. We just need to be cautious.and stop ranting insults on the gentle man. His not a coward he knows what his doing. Watch and see.

    • abeg stop all this shit joor he knows what he is saying koo he knows what he is saying nii..what does he has to say who doesnt know him..

  30. Like I said earlier. Let’s think positively for once, and stop filling ourselves with poisonious thoughts, that could kill faster than cancer, let’s stop seeing the evil in a man, and for once see the gOod in them, for any thing to come out worthful if must pass through fire, to be refined, this is the fire state for Nigeria, after this stage Nigeria will glow. If no one else belives in Nigeria, I strongly do. I know our tag will soon be a reality*” Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation.

  31. I think its enough for this so called fani,he keeps every secret dairy of every sure personality in nigeria,we need to ask him a question. Since knows the problem of this great nation and the doers of the evils and may as well know the beginning and the end of it all.
    This man should be monitored because,I believe he has alots to tell Nigeria as they said birds of the same feather flocks together,he knows alots and should be able to give us more enlightenment
    He knows our security problem and the solution to them.

  32. I almost picked him as my mentor, I swear I could regret 4 life, if I had chosen him……Fani kayode National disgrace wc u were nt yoruba thus we ve d bastards species maybe ure 1

  33. Is it compulsory for you to die today FFK, find a hot place to rest cos you re not meant for cool place.Exposing or not exposing APC, God will judge you all evil doers and all the blood you ve shed are crying for vengeance. God dey o o

  34. He is under the influence of his usual cracking cocaine. He is an idiot and should be ignored. He is the book haram, bitter bcos apc has no room for cocaine pushers and addicts which is why he left.

  35. He may be right after all prophet T.B Joshua said Boko Haram can not come to Lagos, because according to him they can not attack their source. What do make out of that statement.

  36. Hmmmm, fani falana I thought you know what you’re doing not knowing that you’re a bloody, cowardly fool, if you claimed to Know the truth of the connection between bh and APC then tell us otherwise you need to be arrested you idiot what do you take nigerians for, if you don’t have anything good to tell us then you better shot that your gotter you called mouth up and leave Baba Obasanjo alone to put things in order Obasanjo has already made his name and the country proud so please keep quiet you fool, infact who gave you that lawyer you call yourself mumuh?

  37. Fani kayode is a disgrace to yoruba race,is this the kind of stupid pple the yoruba youth wll be looking up to?Hell no!I pray for our generation frm hand of confutionist like dis idiot FFK,dis is d same person dat said PDP re murderers and now it is APC….U only need attention for wot ever u re after but I bet it is only disgrace dat u will cum out.Big FOOL!!!,ALATENUJE,WOBIA,OLOJUKOKORO,ALAINIRONU dat turn himself to an adviser of a whole OBJ dat will sell him in d game of politics.I hoppe u learn sha,we not buying ur trash

  38. Mr f,u cant fool us again,u collected N50m to dump apc for pdp,yur comment is a disgrase to your profession y cant u tink deeply b/4 sayin all dis in public,u r one of d major problem of dis great nation

  39. hmmmmn this man is just blowing castle on air. what is more important between saving the lives of poor innocent nigerians or saving a sinking old ship that is fool of bunch of greedy individuals who only care abt theirselves? if you knw the truth abt sponsoring boko haram speak out so that these evil atrocities will end but if u are not ready at all pls shut old man!

  40. well,it seemed as most of the comentors has lost their sence of regard:or are u guys pro-apc?because i see some of u with empty brain to the extend of trying to crucify the femi of a man who just have some useful information that may lead us to light and peace instead of remaining darkness,or do we forget that God can use somebody u hate to deliver u or give u information that can lead to greatness? please my beloved friends this is a national issue we should encourage him to open up without waisting time, due to he may know deep and persons more than us please lets wise and decent in our words after all God rulleth the kindom of men and he can empower angbody to do what pleases him at ang time.may God helg us.

  41. Hmmm! Na waa o. Bunch of idiosyncrasies! All of u who r raining abusive languages/comments on FFK, wot info do u hv 4 d country? U must b a gang within a political party. Behind every rumour, there must b an element of truth. If FFK is lying,wot truth do u pple hv? If he is lying who r those Boko Haram leaders who met wit Baba Obasanjo? Because sbd ws bad yestade doesn’t mean he can’t bcom good 2day and vice versa. If d country boils 2day hw many of u can witstand it? One wit God is more than d majority. Gani must hv info. It doesn’t mata hw long he stayed wit APC or PDP or woteva political party u r toking of, let us join hands 2geda n fight d evils in this bation, ones and for all. Our dis country “RESPECTED LEADERS” shud pls invite FFK and get d info dat he has, analyse it and work out d best solution. (among probable solutions) 2 save us frm d hands of d enemies of dis LAND. God save Nigeria, God save me. God bless Nigeria, God bless me! U may pray 4 ursef too.

  42. The Yorubas are the most unwise ethnic nationality in Nigeria. I said so because they’re only after the droppings from their masters table [the north]. This is a tribe that prides itself as the most educated in Nigeria but always queuing behind those they see as [backward] in education. what have they benefited from their loyality to the north? To be given the ministry of aviation to head is all what this tribe is after, any other thing can go to the north. Fani have proven to be different from their mentality and you can see name callings from his people. The question I want to ask the yorubas is…is it a crime for a yoruba to be the president of Nigeria under democracy? Yes, Obasanjo was made the president by the north when they realised that their servants [the south west] was no longer happy with them when they killed their tribes man that worn election [ MKO]. And the condition was only to serve one term and relinquish it back to the original owners [the north]. Obasanjo was able to finish his constitutional second term after kneeling down for Atiku. Now, they are bent in subjecting Jonathan to the same one term as if Nigeria belongs to them alone and their backers are the same yorubas who are educated but blind to see the hand writings on the wall. We have competent Yorubas who will do well as president if given the opportunity in Nigeria, why are they not supporting those ones? The south should learn how to support their own if Nigeria must reach its destination. The few improvements we witnessed in Nigeria in terms of infrastructure is under the leadership of the southern presidents [OBJ/JONATHAN]. We should shine our eyes my people.

  43. think this man need to be attended to now that it a pre stage of madness. what kind of nonsense is he saying. Rem, he started this nonsense since he had a meeting with President. Heard that his father was like that thou so. what do we expect from a child of monkey? He is just too useless as a man, no ideology. looking for cheap popularity and want his case with efcc stopped.. useless idot.

  44. Fani or whatever name u call ur self u are embarrassment to yoruba race, ur blackmail and in maturity willl not take u any where pls.my adive u have future and u have family pls. reserved respect for them. Politics is not do or die affairs, a word is enough for a wise man

  45. If Fan is not saying the facts then we need facts to counter him.We all need a change but it should be a change to the better.with ABC. …I have my doubt.


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