It’s Hard To Swallow But Man Sees ‘Jesus’ In Apple


Jesus has allegedly appeared in all sorts of strange places — a garden gnome, aWalmart receipt, and even a dog’s posterior.

But this latest sacred sighting may be the strangest of them all: A Fuji apple that’s coloring allegedly resembles Jesus Christ holding a lamb,

Albuquerque resident David Duran first spotted what we’ve dubbed the Fu-Jesus when he was chopping up apples for apple butter in his mother’s kitchen.

He was about to peel a piece of fruit when he saw a robed likeness of Jesus holding a baby lamb, Newser reports.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen this on a piece of fruit or any type of vegetable,” he told KOB TV.

Fu-Jesus may be the apple of Duran’s eye, but many people don’t see anything unusual in the red and yellow peel.

Duran is a true believer. So much so that he just couldn’t bear to slice or dice the apple.

“Maybe it’s a sign from the Lord that maybe we need to change our ways and maybe look at things to be more positive in this world,” Duran told KOB TV. “Like helping our fellow neighbors and being good to people.”

A priest in a local church has blessed the apple.

Now neighbors are coming to see it, according to the Christian Post.

Whether Jesus can really be seen in the apple could, of course, be a sign of a divine message.

Science, in its never ending effort to be a buzzkill, has a different explanation.

In 2011, researchers at Northwestern University led by Joel Voss released a study saying the human brain is wired to look for familiarity and meaning in the most abstract squiggles.

That’s why we can look at a baseball cap and a fedora and know right away that both are hats, Voss said.

While people debate whether Jesus — or anything can be seen on the Fuji apple, Duran has a bigger problem on his hands: Trying to preserve the apple as long as possible.