Jang’s NGF Faults Odimegwu On Call For Military Intervention

JANGs-NGFFactional chair­man of the Ni­geria Gover­nors’ Forum (NGF) and Governor of Plateau State, Jo­nah Jang, has flayed the recent call for a military coup in Nigeria.

Former chair­man of the National Population Commis­sion (NPC), Eze Fes­tus Odimegwu, was reported to have called for military intervention in an interview with Thisday Newspaper.

Reacting to the call in a statement signed by the Sole Adminis­trator of the Forum, Osaro Onaiwu, Governor Jang de­scribed the statement credited to the former NPC boss as disturbing and surprising.

He advised the Odimegwu to refrain from calling for military rule, remind­ing him that the world had since moved on from regressive mili­tary regimes.

The Forum’s chair­man further said a comparison of the gi­ant strides the nation had witnessed within 15 years of civil­ian rule were a sharp contrast to the under development of the country which was the hallmark of decades of military rule.

Jang noted that no Nigerian would like to experience a re­turn to military rule even as he urged the military to ignore the call.

“We call on all Nige­rians to resist every at­tempt to denigrate ci­vilian rule, but instead, do a personal evalua­tion and will find that civilian rule has been of immense benefit to all, even though we still have a long way to go owing to the many years of zero invest­ment in basic infra­structure”, Jang said in the statement.

However, he com­mended military per­sonnel for their sacri­fice in the fight against terrorism and urged them to remain fo­cused and committed to their primary role of defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria.


  • Military rule has been of immense benefit to pockets of the jobless politicians and crooks like gang. we want the military back to flush out and jail these crooks like Jang, who himself hates democracy. What a hypocrite called jang. have you forgotten NGF? you are still claiming chairmanship that is not yours. Shame on you.

  • The military regime is only practice we nigerians seek. Military coup is what we the youth pray and wish for so that all this cruel, bad, corrupted, and ungodly politicians can be jail and even executed. We the youth support the motion. Idiot jang.

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