Jennifer Lopez, PitBull, Entertain Crowd At The Opening Ceremony of The Brazil 2014 World Cup – Photos

The World Cup got off to a colourful start yesterday, June 12, 2014.

Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to sing the official Fifa song We Are One (Ole Ola), looking in fine form for a 44 year old.

The show staged at the Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo, kicked off with a giant LED ball centrepiece flashing welcome messages in the languages of the 23 qualifying countries.

Performers from dance schools and academies in the city then flooded into the stadium dressed as symbols of Brazil’s stunning natural landscape: raindrops, men towering on stilts dressed as rainforest trees, and colourful flowers.

To close the ‘diversity’-themed second half of the ceremony, Pitbull and Lopez were joined by Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte for their performance of the official FIFA song.


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Popstar Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pitbull performed to thousands of people at the Arena de Sao Paulo in Brazil this evening as the opening ceremony of the World Cup got underway
Singer Jennifer Lopez, rapper Pitbull and Brazilian popstar Claudia Leitte bounced around the giant stage as they sang the official World Cup song 'We Are One (Ola Ola)' during the opening ceremony


Superstar Jennifer Lopez sizzled in a sparkly green number as she performed to thousands of people at the official World Cup opening ceremony
Jennifer Lopez performed with rapper Pitbull ahead of the group A match between Brazil and Croatia, which is the opening game of the 2014 tournament
Joining her on stage: Brazilian pop singer Cláudia Leitte also gave J-Lo a run for her money in the booty-shakin' department as they danced together throughout the performanceNo holding her back: There had been initial reports that Jennifer was due to drop out, but by the looks of her energetic performance there was nothing that could have kept her away from the stage
Jennifer Lopez wore a sparkling leotard as she sang the official FIFA World Cup song 'We Are One (Ole Ola)' alongside Pitbull and Claudia LeitteJ-Lo wows as she performs during the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup prior to the Group A match between Brazil and Croatia
The home fans - all in good spirits - cheered alongside small pockets of Croatians, who wore their team's red and white jersey, as the high-profile trio sang the official World Cup song 'We Are One (Ole Ola)'
After the energetic performance, the singers walked around the stadium and appeared to be touched by the response from the cheering crowd



A globe in the centre of the stadium displayed all of the flags of the countries taking part in the 2014 World Cup and resembled the Brazuca - the official ball of the competition
Entertainers, who have been rehearsing since March, dressed in an array of different costumes as they performed to the jubilant crowd
The opening ceremony took on a variety of different themes, with entertainers dressed in everything from flowers and trees to life size footballs (pictured)Preparations for the opening ceremony, which falls on Brazil¿s Valentine¿s Day, started in March. There were 84 hours of rehearsals, with some 20 hours of artistic work going into each minute of the ceremony
Entertainers performed to the jubilant crowd in an array of colourful outfits and costumes after spending months rehearsing for the big dayPerformers dressed in an array of colourful outfits and costumes as they took part in the opening ceremony which was watched by thousands of fans
Each of the props used in tonight's ceremony were specially designed with an even weight distribution so as not to cause any damage to the playing surface, which was covered for the opening celebration
The ceremony, which cost more than £4.5million, was choreographed by Paulo Barros, a two-time winner of the samba school title at the Carnival in Rio de JaneiroSome performers dressed as colourful flowers for the 30-minute ceremony Which took place this evening ahead of Brazil v Croatia which more than three billion people are expected to watch
The opening ceremony featured different stages including a nature phase, where entertainers dressed as flowers and trees to celebrate the rich diversity of Brazil. Other phases saw performers in bright costumes twirl around and dance to a classic Brazilian rhythm


Around 20 hours of artistic work went into every single minute of the 30-minute ceremony, which was choreographed by Paulo Barros - a two-time winner of the samba school title at the Carnival in Rio de JaneiroThe ceremony started with children, dressed in the colours of the 32 nations, bouncing on trampolines as performers dressed as trees walked around the centre of the stadiumPerformers dressed in an array of random but colourful outfits and costumes as they danced in front of the crowd during the 30-minute showThe ceremony featured several different 'phases' with some performers dancing to Samba, others on trampolines, others on stilts and some in canoes. Each aspect was designed to reflect a part of Brazilian life
Organisers held a total of 31 auditions to choose the show's performers and circus artists and army soldiers were among those selectedOne 'phase' of the ceremony saw entertainers dressed as lifesize footballs and referees, as a nod to the start of the 2014 World Cup
Video highlights and memorable bloopers from past World Cups were shown on the big screens at either end of the stadium towards the end of the 30-minute show but not before performers twirled to Brazilian rhythms (pictured)
Brazilian fans cheer during the World Cup opening ceremony as they prepare to watch their team kick off the month-long football tournament with the opening Group A match against Croatia

Brazil fans enjoy the atmosphere - and a beer - during the opening ceremony of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
Nearly half the world's population, well over three billion people, are expected to watch as the hosts play Croatia in Sao Paulo tonight

One fan pleaded for forgiveness from his significant other with a giant placard apologising for choosing football over a romantic night with his partner on Brazil's Valentine's Day




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