Jonathan Nominates Diezani For OPEC Top Job

minister-of-petroleum-resources-diezani-alison-madueke-360x225She might not be Nigerians’ favourite political appointee but that has not stopped Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke from being nominated as Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The news agency, Reuters, which carried the report, said Mrs. Alison-Madueke’s candidacy is intended to break the deadlock over the standoff among opposing candidates from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran over the post, according to Iraq’s oil minister, Abdul Kareem Luaibi.

The position, currently occupied by Abdullah al-Badri of Libya since 2007, will become vacant in December.

OPEC is expected to meet Wednesday (today) but it’s unclear if a decision would be reached on the matter.

Should Alison-Madueke’s nomination sail through, she would become the first female secretary-general of the 12-member countries organization.


    Jonathan as a Nigeria president is the worst mistake that Nigeria has ever made. God can never forgive Obasanjo for his manipulations that brought the man to power.
    If a minister is still under probe and the president is sponsoring her for an international position, is this not an insult on the nation. Jonathan is using our money to insult us. So we are paying to be insulted.
    Unfortunately we have a dead wood of NASS that sees everything from monitery point of view. In as much as they can get from the cake, what happens to common man or the nation means nothing to them.
    NASS has the power to stop this madness of Jonathan’s mischievous behavior. This should stop before we degenerate to military style of government. Democracy has lost its bearing in Nigeria.