Jumia Nigeria is 2, Two Years since Ecommerce Evolution In Nigeria ‘Empowering Nigerians’

Jumia Nigeria is 2

JUMIA, Nigeria’s first and largest online retailer, today celebrates 2 years of delivering smiles and empowering Nigerians. JUMIA has pioneered e-commerce in Nigeria and has attracted global recognition to the industry in Nigeria, which has also attracted huge foreign direct investment into the country leading to a rise in the industry’s contribution to Nigeria’s GDP, with further prospects to emerge within the e-commerce sector in the coming years. JUMIA rounded off a stellar year in 2013 by winning the best new retailer at the World Retail Awards, the first time any African retailer has won an award at this prestigious event.

The e-commerce story in Nigeria began 2 years ago with the inception of Jumia Nigeria, creating an avenue for customers to shop online at ease with convenience on delivery. Two years ago, we told the story of how innovation can bring major change to the economy; the rapid successes achieved so far are attributed to our wide assortment, customer service, our focus on entrepreneurship, and more importantly our people.

This year the theme for Jumia’s anniversary as it turns 2 is ‘Empowering Nigerians’ and with the e-commerce tech space growing so fast, we have seen many ways Jumia has impacted Nigeria’s tech landscape. We have created jobs for our dynamic work force of over 1,000 Nigerians with an average age of 27, whilst also empowering them to become entrepreneurs, by constantly equipping them with the right tools and training through the recent launch of our Jumia Academy. Jumia has also manufacturers of ‘Made in Nigeria products’ as well as other SME’s through the introduction of the Jumia marketplace helping them reach out to their target audience and increase sales significantly. Most importantly for us at Jumia is the utmost need to empower our customers through providing them with an organized retail structure backed by world class customer service which was inexistent in Nigeria till the arrival of Jumia Nigeria.

We continue to be a success story as we continue to change lives and the way people see the future of retail in Nigeria which makes up for 19.2% contribution to the Nations GDP. We have paved the way for the industry and we are helping to grow the economy by growing the industry through several developmental initiatives we have embarked on centering on our people and alliances with various stakeholders. After 2 years the bar has been set high and we will continue to satisfy our customers, as we grow bigger and better. Jumia is the home of retail in Nigeria and that is the big picture for us’ Says Co-CEO Jumia Nigeria Nicolas Martin

Jumia has lined up activities to celebrate ‘Jumia at 2’ and will be using this fete to celebrate its customers, suppliers, partners and staff who have been instrumental to the growth of Jumia and the e-commerce industry at large. Dates and schedule of events will be announced soon.



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