Kagawa Angry With Japan’s Exit

Japanese midfield general Shinji Kagawa has described his country’s perfomance in this year’s FIFA world cup in Brazil as “pathetic”.


Japan had lost 2-1 to Ivory Coast, then drew with Greece 0-0 and then where destroyed 4-1 by South American team Colombia.

The Manchester united player said: It hurts to go out like this, I don’t have any other words. I feel responsible and deeply sorry. It’s pathetic.

His teammate Keisuke Honda had boasted they could win the World Cup but following the thrashing by Colombia, He said: After I’d said Japan would win the tournament, in the end it finished with just empty talk, It’s embarrassing.

We simply weren’t good enough at this World Cup. We’ve still got a lot to learn. I’m extremely sorry, he said.

Japan had started off all their games brightly but where demolished by the second half, with critics saying they couldn’t adapt to the demanding Brazilian weather.

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