Kannywood Actress Reveals: ‘I Have A Crush On Flavour’

Flavour and Jesse stargist

Kannywood actress, Nazareth Jesse Bako has said she is looking for Flavour because she has a crush on the sexy singer and she wouldn’t mind dating him. She also spoke about being a Kannywood actress and also in Nollywood and how she has acted in over 63 movies till date.

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Don’t you think you have added advantage as an Hausa actress to feature in both Nollywood and Kannywood?


It is a privilege and I thank God for it; I will always be delightful working with them.


How many movies have you featured in so far?


I have featured in over 63 movies since I joined Nollywood professionally.


Tell us about the man in your life now?


I wouldn’t lie about my relationship. Presently I have no man in my life. My career is most imperative for now.


Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend?


I don’t have a boyfriend but I am expecting him to come along (laughter).


So you don’t have a lover?


Yes. I am looking for Flavour (more laughter).


Why Flavour among all the men in the world?


I have a crush on him.


If he asks you for a relationship will you jump at it?


I just like his person but I don’t know him intimately. That is the only way I could know if he is my kind of man but from afar I like him.


How do you hope to have him with all the ladies around him?


I don’t know about all the other ladies around him; I only know about my feelings for him.

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