Khloe Kardashian Shares Secret To Healthy Hair & Great Skin

Khloe Kardashian - Bellanaija - June2014001

Khloe Kardashian, who has been buzzing on the media scene for dating her new beau French Montana, and having a 30th birthday bash with celeb friends and family, has been glowing non-stop on her Instagram page.

A few days ago she took to her social media page, which has over 10 Million followers to share the reason behind her glowing skin and great hair – lemon water (We like to think French Montana has something to do with it too).



The 30 -year-old shared this picture (above) along with the caption “one of my favourite healthy tips from me to you” with her Followers showing us that this must be one of the beauty secrets behind her glow.

Lemon water has many health benefits which can be used for skin, hair, cleansing, energy and even weight loss. The photo lists some health benefits:

– Boosts your immune system
– Balances pH
– Flush out unwanted materials
– Decreases wrinkles and blemishes
– Relieve tooth pain
– Relieves respiratory problems
– Cures throat infections
– Excellent for weight loss
– Reduces fever
– Blood purifier

With all those beauty tips, no wonder Khloé is looking so radiant.

So guys, will you be trying her tip? And if you love the tip and already practice share your results with us. Stay beautiful.



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