Leave Jonathan Alone; Ask Your Governors What They Do With Monthly Allocations – Okonjo-Iweala

The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, yesterday, tasked Nigerians to challenge their governors to account for the monthly budgetary allocation they get from the federation account, noting that most of the lapses in basic public services are caused by state governments.

According to her, she wondered why citizens always blame the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan for the failings of some state governments who get monthly allocation larger than countries like Liberia, Gambia and the Republic of Benin.

Okonjo-Iweala spoke yesterday at the 12th convocation of Babcock University, BU, Ilishan Remo, where over 1,500 students graduated.

She urged Nigerians to begin to demand improved standards of living from their state governments, rather than accusing the Federal Government of insensitivity all the time.

“The administration of President Goodluck Jonathan alone cannot transform the country. We need the private sector to work with us and we are optimistic of their immense collaboration in the transformation agenda.

“But in addition, the question all Nigerians must ask is ‘what is the role of state and local governments in supporting our transformation?’.

“We know in the constitution that provision for public services such as health, education and agriculture falls on the concurrent list and so it is the joint responsibility of federal, state and local governments.

“However, it is not often that we hear people asking what their state governments have done? A lot of attention tends to be on the Federal Government. But we have to ask what do our state and local governments do with the resources they get.

“The states are getting the money that is available to be shared each month, and we publish that in the newspapers every month so that people can know what the federal, state and local governments receive.

“We need to ask more questions because poverty eradication and building of infrastructure is not for the Federal Government alone,” she explained.

The minister stated that in 2013 alone, states like Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, Lagos, Kano, Katsina, Oyo, Kaduna and Borno got the highest allocation from the federation account, and that what they got individually is more than the annual budgetary allocation of neighbouring countries such as Liberia, Gambia and Republic of Benin.

“Akwa Ibom got N260 billion; Rivers, N230 billion; Delta, N209 billion; Bayelsa, N173 billion; Lagos, N168 billion; Kano, N140 billion; Katsina, N103 billion; Oyo N100 billion; Kaduna, N97 billion and Borno, N94 billion.

“These were the allocations these states got last year. So the question is what did they do with it?

“Analysis shows that many Nigerian states receive revenue allocations which are larger than budgetary allocations of neighbouring countries such as Liberia which is $433 million and Gambia, $210 million,” the Minister said.

She was awarded Doctor of Science in Global Economic Development, Honoris Causa by the university.


  1. Waow! I always kindof wander why we’re always bent on pouring blames on our president but now,, i guess the reasons are not far fetched; ‘we don’t follow up with the news talk more of surfing the net to know our stand if we must blame GEJ’… Cheers to you minister you’ve done well with the incitation and i believe they’ll all read this one. God knows i luv & rep my president though he may not know me but am fuckin happy for him.

  2. Thank u madam,many of d stae govt,are hiding under d fed.govt,expecting fed.govt.to start a project which pple wil tink its state govt that are doing it.most of den are building estate for themselves,many of den hav over 50 filling station,and many more God of d masses wl judge them.

  3. Thank u ma 4 d insight. Pls whose resposibility it is to check the govs.? Don’t u think those of u that allocated the monies share in this responsibility. How about the story of cut of allocation from the top.? Pls tell our president to take responsibility. He is the president of the entire Nigeria for crying out loud. Regards.

  4. Ma, come to think of it, some of the govs are only been loyal to their pocket and that of thier godfathers, afterall they were the ones that took them to abuja before they were made govs. They cannot be responsible to the people that did not elect them. All of these are the result of our political fall out.

  5. There is an abounding level of ignorance among the electorates in Nigeria. We are not used to following up political events. We are born spectators and mere wishers of good governance. Little wonder our so called leaders have absolutely no sense of accountability . Very unfortunate. These so called ‘leaders’ having absolutely no sense of direction, thrive on the gullibility, ignorance and zombieistic propenisity of its followers. May God open our eyes from this prevailing darkness that has held us bound up until now . If the ‘led’ can take it upon themselves to ask simple and right question and get simple logical answers, it will at least put the country on the right path to growth and development.

  6. My people, it is unfortunate we live in this part of the world, where people are docile about issues that affect them. Be that as it may, we are also faced with leaders who would not want to hear the truth. In my local govt. for instance, daring to want to know how much came as allocation is enough to earn u a transfer if the chairman is in good mood if not ommission of name from salary schedule. So my people how do u ask question? It is a pity we are here. God will help us somehow someday.