Man Sees Jesus Holding Lamb In Skin Of His Apple, Says It’s Sign From Lord


A Christian man claimed that he had found Jesus image in the skin of one of his apples, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The incident occurred when David Duran was making his traditional family apple jam. According to the man, he was always ready to peel one of the apples as he suddenly saw an image resembling Jesus Christ carrying a little lamb.

Duran was initially shocked with such a discovery but later he took the apple to a local priest, who blessed the fruit for him.

The image of Jesus and the lamb is plain as day to Duran, “There’s the hair. There’s like the face and then his robe around here and then right in the middle you can see like a figure of a lamb, see – like he’s holding a lamb.”

PHOTOS: Man Sees Jesus Holding Lamb In Skin Of His Apple, Says It's Sign From Lord

Now, as Duran wonders how he might best preserve his blessed apple, he’s spreading the message he believes was sent through the fantastical find.

“This is the first time I seen this on a piece of fruit or any type of vegetable. Maybe it’s a sign from the Lord that maybe we need to change our ways and maybe look at things to be more positive in this world. Like helping our fellow neighbors and being good to people.”