Monarch Under Probe Over Being Linked With Boko Haram

Security services are said to have started investigation of northern Nigeria monarch suspected to have links with Boko Haram sect.


The intelligence gathered in Sudan provides that the investigation commenced following Nigeria’s problems in extraditing Aminu-Sadiq Ogwuche, an alleged mastermind of April 14 Nyanya bombing, which claimed scores of lives.

Commenting on the failure to extradite the suspect, Vanguard quoted its source as saying that “the situation was so embarrassing that the jet, provided by the Nigerian government to convey the suspect from the Sudanese capital, Khatoum, returned after waiting for three days without making a headway in the extradition process”.

It has been later learnt that the focus of the investigation of the monarch was connected with alleged funding and remittances aimed at halting Ogwuche’s extradition.

With reference to various sources Vanguard reports that Sudanese government unwillingness to assist in terms of handling the matter “is not unconnected with the influence which the traditional ruler is known to wield in Sudan, as well as his contacts over the years in that Islamic country”.

The sources in the intelligence said they would neither confirm nor deny the fact of investigation of the monarch, but it was discovered however that the reason for the extradition blocking is to prevent Ogwuche from disclosing the insurgents’ sponsors upon return and interrogation in Nigeria.

The correspondent’s efforts to contact the Sudanese ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Tagelsir Mahgoub Ali, to clear the air on the issue of monarch having something to do with the extradition halting, proved useless.

No extradition treaty

It was reported yesterday that the extradition problems started after the alleged intervention of the monarch. Moreover, Vanguard recalled that the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir has no bilateral agreement with any country in the world on extradition of criminals.

Nigerian Department of State Services (DSS) had declared Ogwuche wanted in connection with thee ghastly blast with a bounty of N25 million. Meanwhile upon arrest the Sudanese authorities were said to have questioned arraignment in absentia alleging that the suspected could have been framed.

Ogwuche was arrested in Sudan due to the productive cooperation of Nigerian and Sudanese agencies and military. It was claimed by the Nigerian officials that the suspect would be soon brought back to Nigeria for justice.



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