Must Read – Marriage is for Soul Mates not Roommates

article-2013616014082250902000I’ve had roommates before. Once, we shared a dorm room, and sometimes clothes. We laughed together even cried. It was cool, but the roommate relationship in that form wasn’t meant to last a lifetime.

After the dorm room, I acquired an apartment-mate. We split the bills and gave each other privacy. Although we shared furniture and food, there was an uspoken rule that “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours.” Some things you just don’t share with roomies. That was cool, too, for the time being. And then, it was time to move on.

Now that I’m married to my soul mate, I have no intention of going back to being roommates, especially not in a house we share and purchased together.

Soul mates do more than share space; they share their hearts.

Soul mates do more than room together; they sleep together.

Soul mates do more than pay bills; they provide financial stability.

Soul mates do more than live together; they make a life together.

When soul mates start acting like roommates, it’s time to do some soul-searching by asking the hard questions:

What are we really doing?
Why did God put us together? Or, did he put us together?
Who can we turn to for marriage advice?
When did things start dissolving into roommate status?
How can we work our way back to being soul mates not just roommates?

Roommates are fairly easy to find: just put an ad in the newspaper, post flyers on message boards, or ask around for references. Finding your soul mate, however, is not so easy. It requires hearing from God, waiting patiently, and being open to change because a true soul mate will require that you change for the better. Roommates will move out and move on, especially if problems arise. But soul mates stick it out; they work on issues and grow better together.

When God blesses you with your soul mate, he blesses you with so much more: a friend, a lover, a confidant, a soldier, and partner for life. Just as God didn’t intend for Adam and Eve to share space in the garden as roommates, he doesn’t intend for you to just share rooms and split bills with your spouse. Now that you have your soul mate, it’s time to be fruitful and multiply the best in each other, for there is nothing that soul mates can’t accomplish once they come into agreement with each other and with God.

Remember, marriage is for soul mates not roommates.



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