My Illness Was A Blessing In Disguise – Veteran Actor, Pa Kasunmu

Veteran Nollywood , Kayode Dosumu aka Pa Kasumu who was reported last year to be suffering from a heart related disease in a recent interview talks about his experience.


Pa Kasumu who is fully back into acting while speaking on the present situation of his health he said: “My health is better now, glory be to God”.

On the exact nature of the ailment he said: I cannot really say what the nature of the ailment was but the day I got to know was when I went to my family doctor’s hospital at Jibowu, Lagos. They tested me and said I needed to go to another laboratory for a more comprehensive test. When I went to the laboratory, they checked my heart and carried out some other tests on me and later referred me to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba. It was there that I knew that I needed to be thoroughly checked medically. That was how it started in 2009. It was there that I realised that I had problems with my heart, liver and it was getting to the kidney before it was stopped at LUTH.

The actor who said the Lagos state government gave him 1.5million while Ogun state government gave him 2.5m for his treatment aside his son’s assistance said as a result of his illness he spent all he had in his account, had to sell his properties, two plots of land, his BMW car for his medication and had to live his house in Mushin to his sisters house because he could not could not continue to pay my rent.

On the perception that he is a rich man

As an actor, you are bound to act any role you are given. If I have to act like the poorest man in the whole world, I would do it. I would have to change my style and my character to what is required to translate the role I am given. That is why I can act like a big man and people would believe. I can act like the president of America and that is an actor’s job. What people see on television is very different from real life. There is a huge difference between Pa Kasunmu and Kayode Odumosu.

On his illness being a blessing in disguise he said: Yes, I would say that it was a blessing in disguise to me. That is how I see it. There are some people who love me and who had been trying to get close to me but didn’t have the chance to meet me. It was an opportunity for them to get close to me.

On having a fulfilled life he said: Yes. I don’t have to say much about that, I am fulfilled. I am really fulfilled and I thank God. Glory be to God.

Pa Kasunmu started his acting in 1957 as a 15-year-old boy when he picked interest in a group called Simbad Concert Party beating the drum better than the drummer of the group which earned him a role in a play. He has since featured in many movies both English and Yoruba


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