My Wish Is To Marry Genevieve Nnaji Says Phyno

PhynoNigerian Igbo Rapper, Phyno actually has a life ambition and that is to marry One of the top actresses in Nollywood.

According to the chap who, within a few years, has placed the genre of Igbo rap on a high pedestal on the Nigerian music scale, told an interviewer recently that if he can achieve his ambition of getting Genny as his own, then he must have accomplished the biggest dream in his life.

We also discovered that he Could not stop mentioning her name in the Song No Guts No Glory

It  was also reported that he impregnated his former girlfriend Rita Edmond, but they also said that they had nothing together.

This is what he told the newshound:

“Genevieve Nnaji is my crush. I will give anything to have her. I can’t rule out dating her because nothing is impossible.”

Do you think this will be a good match?



  1. Its not just to say it openly if u think well that tomorrow u ll not change to other girls.u hv a child,she hv a child.wish u goodluck.

  2. This is insult in its highest order. Is it bcos u ve seen small money den u come on air n talk rubbish? She is classic nd elegant made by God 4 classic nd elegant men nt 4 babies nd boys like u (gold digger)…”D’banj nd Genny”, gud match, u ‘bad match’. Go 4 ur level..water sef get level..#mitchewww.

  3. Winny : u ‘ve just hit d nail on d head, good talk, Nono if its easy to flirt make ur Sis go try, dis is how u go about killing peoples image.

  4. Phyno and Genny z just nt a good match at all nt to talk of perfect match. Cos they’re of difrn class, caliber, level…phyno aint man enough 4 genny

  5. It’s a lie who’s talking abt level?he can have her if he plays his cards right he’s a celeb too!and he was actually talking of marriage not friendship

  6. I can’t bliv nigerians ar such clown hw are u guys sure dis is true u just come and post ur shits without even knowing dis might b a fucking story cooked up by d medias joor u guys shld wise up b4 talking trash not just dis post alone but others.#THINK


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