Mysterious Snakes, Bees Fight Boko Haram Members In Sambisa Forest – Arrested Insurgent Reveal


Boko Haram members are reportedly fleeing Sambisa forest to areas across Borno state owing to what they they believe is spiritual attack as they are being attacked by mysterious snakes and bees.

This was revealed by one of the insurgents, Kolo Mustapha who was arrested yesterday at Mairi ward behind University of Maiduguri by members of the Civilian JTF vigilante group, Vanguard reports.

Kolo said, “most of us are fleeing because there are too many snakes and bees now in the forest. Once they bite, they disappear and the victims do not last for 24 hours. We were told that the aggrieved people who had suffered from our deadly mission, including the ghosts of some of those we killed, are the ones turning into the snake and bees.”


He added that some of their leaders have fled to Cameroon because they could easily be identified by security agents in Nigeria if they flee to any part of the country.


Another arrested sect member, Umar Abor, said they have fought in Marte, Bama, Buni Yadima and Gwoza but they were not part of the Chibok attack and they have not seen the girls though they have heard about it because their leaders have been talking about it and they’ve been following all news on radio.

“They (our leaders) told us that it was our enemies and aggrieved people that are hunting us through diabolical means. We were in the forest in 2010 and 2011. We left and came back last year but we have never experienced such attacks. That is why they believe the Chibok people are using juju to pursue us because of their children said to have been taken by our leaders,” Umar said.

According to one of the leaders of the Civilian JTF, many of the insurgents had been fleeing the Sambisa Forest in the past two weeks and most of them are being arrested and taken to the authorities, except when they resist arrest, in which case they are left with no option but to kill them.

Sambisa forest is notorious for serving as a perfect hide-out for Boko Haram fighters. Some days back, the Nigerian army killed no fewer than 70 suspected Boko Haram members fleeing into Sambisa after their deadly attack on three villages in Borno.


  1. Our God does not sleep nor slumber.Tears are language that God understand.The tear of those children will be disastrous to boko haram members. By chinyeaka Egoro

  2. Our God does not sleep nor slumber.Tears are language that God understand.The tear of those children will be disastrous to boko haram members.

  3. The insurgents ain’t seen nothing……..since they’ve decided not to freed d chibok lasses……we’ve decided that,God himself should fight d battle….God z d one @work!Thank You Jesus

  4. Fellow nigerians,if d BOKO HARAMS think no one can catch and kill them, leave them, the time for God vengance and anger upon them has come, they w soon die and perish sudenly.

  5. My northern siblings continiour with prayers, the time has come that God have anwered out prayers, before 2015 their spornsors wil also die a natural dead. praise the name of our lord jesus christ!!!

  6. No doubt the jahadist are nt happy with this God’s wrath on them hence u never see them comment here. Disintegration I stand.

  7. Is there no way we can as well help God? Yes we can help God by helpingourself and one another. we so much rely on God for little things instead of us doing it ourselves, God says we should talk because he will listen. How many of you have seen the snake and all the ANACONDAS? This is what we shall all rely on untill we count years that the girls has been missing, has our President got a Stone heart hence iam getting furios about the missing girls for nothing made so far, if those reptiles attack the so called Boko Haram or ISIS , would they not harm the lovely girls too ? Has the juju man attached the BH names on those reptiles before dep.? any way am not surprised, we are an Africans we need to think like a 3rd world origin. So we are to abandon leprosy and humble,,,,,.Can anyone tell me what we can do perfectly at all when it comes to saves your neighbour? why till now all muslims in the whole of nigeria are yet to march to Aso Rock( in this case i will say a muslim remains a muslim) then follow by all nigerians regardless of your so call BELIEVE, instead, devine intervention or reptiles solution. pls dont get me wrong am only saying what i believe in.


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