NATCOMS Boss Warns Telecoms Subscribers Against Tricky Tariffs

Deolu Ogunbanjo, President, National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers (NATCOMS), has warned subscribers to be careful of the numerous tariff packages being offered by service providers.


The NATCOMS boss, who gave the warning in Lagos on Tuesday, called on subscribers who wished to participate in the telecom juicy packages to understand the terms and conditions before opting for any tariff plan.

He said that although subscribers derived some benefits from the numerous tariff plans, he revealed that most of such benefits were still in favour of the service provider.

According to him, the different tariff packages being rolled out by the telecommunications operators were normal occurrences in any competitive industry.

Ogunbanjo explained that the introduction of numerous tariff packages was a welcome development as long as such offers were made with a lot of freebies attached to them.

“In competition, you need to review your tariff on a regular basis, so as to attract your subscribers to keep using your network” he said. “One should exercise a lot of caution in analysing these freebies, because some of them are sometimes traps for you to get in and patronise them, while the service providers get most of the benefits”.

Ogunbanjo said that the regular tariff reviews by the operators should deliver lower rates to subscribers, otherwise subscribers should not subscribe to them.

He also pointed out that service providers were getting more proactive than before as competition was getting stronger by the day.

National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers (NATCOMS) which is an umbrella body for telecommunications/ICT consumers and subscribers rights protection advocacy in Nigeria was established in the year 2002.


  • All our service providers are nothing but THIEVES. They criminals that must be prosecute. I’m typing this comment with a big hanger. I had being duped by MtN, Airtel and Etisalat. There should be a way we can jointly charge this companies to court. Thet are rogues.

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