New Emir Of Kano: ‘Jonathanians Can Go Jump Into The Lagoon’ – El Rufai

NASIR-EL-RUFAI TWEETSA former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory now Deputy National Secretary of All Progressives Congress, APC, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, on Sunday taunted associates of President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party over the appointment of his childhood friend and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Malam Lamido Sanusi, as the new Emir of Kano.

In a tweet on Sunday evening moments after the Kano State Government announced Mr. Sanusi as successor to the former emir, Alhaji (Dr) Ado Bayero, who died on Friday, El-Rufai said: “Alhamdulillah. The best man has won”.

“SLS (Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) is the Emir of Kano. Jonathanians can go jump into the lagoon”.

The former minister had in a post on his Facebook page an hour earlier (before the official announcement was made), faulted the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party for prematurely congratulating another candidate – Sanusi Ado Bayero – as the new emir even when a successor to the late Ado Bayero had not been named.

“The PDP out of fear and hatred of my brother SLS (Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) began circulating the falsehood that someone else had been appointed Emir of Kano”, Mr. El-Rufai fumed.

“Then they congratulated the Emir that had not been selected by the constituted authority. Earlier, they had enlisted several PDP sympathiser-traditional rulers to put pressure on Governor Kwankawaso to discourage him from selecting SLS, who was recommended on merit among the aspirants by the kingmakers.

“May the Almighty Allah Guide Governor Kwankwaso in choosing a wise and honest leader that will build on the legacy of Late Ado Bayero. In my opinion, that person is my brother SLS. But that is my opinion only which I am entitled.

“They have now withdrawn their false and contrived congratulations. PDP represents all that is evil and wrong about our nation. May Allah separate Nigeria from this evil, divisive and poverty-inducing party”.


  1. Can someone tell this old fool that the false alarm has being controversial between Bayero and SLS twitter handles! He won’t comment on what Ameachi, Tinubu and Mohammed was doing in Kano all day till when the announcement of the new amir was made?

  2. It shows how myopic you are. There are other first class chiefs. Him own no dey different. So what’s the noise about? Does being emir make him the president of naija. History will always have it that he was suspended from the CBN office. That he will take to his grave. The protest in kano should tell you something. El rufai you should jump into the Lagoon first. You and your goons

  3. @aghata bankole, dnt tink dt way, cos dis Emir post is nt a presidency post, bt a king post, so problem fr anyone; jst dt all bad minded pple should vanish out of d city of Kano.

  4. Sanusi Lamido congratulations. They planned, Allah planned. But Allah is the best Planner. They sacked u from CBN office just to tarnish your image, the good names you have been preserving for ages & to sadden you but, Almighty Allah pleases your heart with a PRESTIGIOUS & LIFE -TIME blessings.(Alhamdulillah I rejoice with you). Haters are put to shame.

  5. El Rufai has said it all,jonathan & all every other haters should jump into the lagoon & u Agatha what u don’t кŋσω is that being am Emir is greater than being a president because even the president must bow b4 his royal highness

  6. No need for the arguement here or throwing tantrums at each other. The appointment of SLS is a welcome development and the Kano emirate is a very key player in the Nigerian polity. The Emir is our Emir whether you like him as a person or not and we all owe him our collective prayers and supports for him to suceed and make Nigeria a better place for us all. Congratulations to SLS and to good people of Kano state and Nigeria at large. God bless Nigeria!

  7. Myopic rufai pls go bac 2 sch of thought 2 understand dat ALL Nija emirs are subject 2 d president of Nija. don’t b a fool @40 El–mumu GEJ is nt aware of little rat of ur caliber note #1b contract of cbn not possible in kano tradition council so don’t jump to lagoon

  8. When gej became president in 2011, we reminded dem dat God alone is d king maker, and dat what God has made no one can unmake. we begged dem to let gej be since God has made him king. but dey promised to distabilise our lovely country. and their threat has bn made manifest over d years. they have insulted, harrased, and even humiliated our president. Now the same people have become emir and they have suddenly remembered dat God is d king maker they now want all of us to come n bow? they 4get dat what a man sow dat he MUST reap. if u don’t respect d king, how do u expect respect will be shown u when u become king? God is watching oooooo!

  9. God bless u Alex, let all APC croonies tear apart & degrade the office & the person of the president, when they probably get there, we will see who will respect their leadership, & when nobody does we will see impunity and oppression of the highest order.

  10. He talks like a child, cus no matured man will say anytin of such, oo I jst cnt stop cryin 4 nigeria, nd ful of badlerdrs!

  11. Agatha, you are no different from your paymaster, GET. Only looters rejoice that Sanusi was suspended when he exposed Jonathan and his thieving ministers as looters. History will kinder to SLS than the otuoke looter

  12. I used to love and respect sanusi lamido. I thought he was one of the honest he just strikes me as a great deciever. Well congrats to him anyways. Its jus a local position after all said and done..

  13. Well weda SLS is an emir or not o or jonathan snr him or not, d deeds has been do, but dis is d moral lesson let peace reign. In all we do cos d tables will surely TURN.

    • Jonathan has diminished the presidency with his illiterate wife, as nsuch he has lost my respect and that of nigerians generally and international community. Its the character of the office holder that defines how the office is viewed. Imagine how the illiterate president has been humiliating us. nigeria is in a situation where servants like mona are riding on horse back while princes are walking on bare foot. Nigeria is in big trouble under GEJ. Lets cry for mercy because God has given us a king like GEj, in his wrath so criminals will preside over our affairs as a nation.

  14. EL-Mumu,u looted the FCT when u were d minister and send must people to the village by destroying there buildings.No u are congratulating SLS when he was politically given the post of an Emir by Rabiu Kankwaso.This shows the level of thinking u have,never know that u a r the greatest fool.God will judge u Mumu El-Rufai and ur family.Stupid goat

  15. Is there any reward for good other than good? Almighty Allah has vindicated Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for his innocency and honesty. Whatever we sow we shall reap. How can a man be removed from office just because he said the truth? The evil men and their supporters will never be at peace inshallah. Congratulations Sanusi! Congratulations Kano state!! Congratulations the good people of Nigeria!!!

  16. No man can course what God has blessed.
    We should remember that the office of a president can’t be run like a family affairs…..
    Again what you do to your fellow man today ready for your own tomorrow wickedness e no dey PAY

  17. gej did nt expose sanusi. SLS exposed himself. he wh goes to equity must go wit clean hands. d office sanusi tried to expose is it not run by a nigerian? does this nigerian nt have d rght to defend herself b4 d president? would u av rather been pleased if d president instantly sack a true nig daugter simply due to some yet to be proven alegation, bcos it came from sanusi? does sanusi have better rghts above other citizens? gej is a father wh needed to apply wisdom n caution b4 taking actions, n these thgs tk time. they are nt automatic. we must accord d president d respect due him bcos God enthroned him, and d one who put him there is nt a fool. He is watchingooo!


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