Nigerians React On Tinted Glass Vehicles

The Nigeria Police Force had warned that anyone driving tinted glass vehicles without permit now risk a fine of N50,000 or a six-month jail term or both.

This warning however doesn’t seem to hold water as countless numbers of vehicles seem to have recently flooded Lagos roads and other neighbouring states.

The indiscriminate use of tinted glass vehicles across Nigeria has called for urgent caution as stated by the Coalition of Progressives at the preparedness meeting held in Lekki recently.

Mr Oludare Isaac, 37 complained that the discreet and uncontrolled manner with which tinted glasses are used make it challenging to identify who is who when others drive along the way.

According to him: “It is risky when you see a vehicle all-tinted drives pass your vehicle. You cannot tell if he is a hired assassin or an armed robber with armed weapon.


You cannot tell if the person is a wanted figure in the state”. “What makes it more dangerous is that sometimes you watch these unknown men drive past police post and the police would not even stop or caution them.

It is very sad and it makes other road users vulnerable”. He stated. Amos Akintayo, 31, an insurance marketer however objects the policy of the use of tinted glass on the ground that Nigeria is unfavourable in terms of weather for vehicles without tinted glasses.

He said, “countries like Nigeria that has a hot weather and with the scorching sun, it requires moderate dimmed glasses protection.

These glasses are coloured to protect the interior of the car and its occupants”. “If the government therefore wants to give permit for using tinted glasses, the people who use sunglasses should get a permit too”

Joy Atsenokhai, 29 is of the view that government agency should be warned to lead by example as the first set of lawbreaker is usually the lawmakers: “Banning tinted glasses might seem like a good strategy for fighting crime, but it is most likely that it is the esteemed lawbreakers that will be the first to break the law”.

Most times when you hear sirens on the highways, you will see the convoy of vehicles tinted all-over, even to the side-mirrors as they intimidate other road users in the traffic because a “public office holder is passing by.

These vehicles show clearly that they are not factory fitted, but what can a common man like me do. Crime should only be defined by the law not the lawmaker”.


Ronke Akinselorin, 33, a brand manager who has a tinted vehicle inquire that the government make the Act available for them so as for them to know what kind of tinted glass is allowed and which one is restricted. She stated that the government should define what ‘tinted’ is and type of tinted vehicle.

According to her “there are some vehicles with all round tinted and there are some with windscreens, passenger and drivers glasses untinted and which of course the security could see the driver and passenger clearly.

Let the enforcement agency also come out clearly with what amount we are expected to pay for tinted permits. Currently I heard the amount is 15k, which is quite exorbitant.

In a reactionary statement made by Kingsley Akhabue, a police officer he said “note, that if your tinted windows are not factory fitted, whether you have a licence or not, you are breaking the law. Permits are given for factory fitted tinted windows only. If you drive with non-factory fitted tints, you do so at your own peril.

As it is today, a police or FRSC officer can impound your vehicle and prosecute you”. He explained. It is instructed however from the bill, among other provisions, that requested buyers of imported vehicles with tinted, shaded, coloured, darkened or treated glass to change it to transparent ones within 14 days from the date of arrival in Nigeria or date of purchase”.

“In the alternative, it stipulated that buyers of such vehicles should request for a permit for the use of such tinted glass vehicles from the Office of the Inspector General of Police, anywhere in the country, within 90 days of importing the vehicle”.


  1. Wot if u give a tinted permit and it becomes a license to crime? Police, road safety search all vehicle and allow pple to move if u dnt see anything bad, tinted permit payment is just an extortion.where is d money going there is GOD oooo

  2. No baga cn make me rip off d tint on ma car…cos its nt constitutional. U cn stop n search a car, any car 4 dat matter nt tellin pple nt to tint der car


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